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News A Review of Sweden’s Right to Gamble Online


on A Review of Sweden’s Right to Gamble Online


For many players online that wish to gamble, often the goal-posts are shifted with new laws and ruling that makes playing online seem more arduous. No country or group of people have had such dynamic shifts in law as those living in Sweden.

This is the subject of the article, your rights of play, should you be living in Sweden and a look at one online gambling affiliation that is providing legal content that Swedes can access to fulfil their enjoyment of gambling online inside of Europe’s top online casinos.

Online Gambling in Sweden

When it comes to gambling in Sweden, the situation isn’t that different from many other countries around the world. Online casinos in Sweden are usually not registered within Sweden itself. In fact, the majority of EU casinos are registered in Malta.

There is an odd anomaly with Sweden because despite there being several crack-downs over the years, it is still one of the most productive and busy markets online when it comes to membership numbers within online gambling services.

A driving force behind this is done by the work of affiliated partnerships that work on behalf of the casinos that are otherwise suffocated by legal restrictions.

What are the Laws in Sweden?

Swedish online gambling laws have changed over the decades to tie in with the ever-changing political zeitgeist. More recently, the government, in conjunction with The Swedish Gambling Authority, are looking to limit the amounts that can be spent i.e., deposited, into an online casino. Now, the controversy is that governments are, in this instance, trying to dictate how people can spend their own finances.

Now, the scheme itself is a very good one, because the issue of problem gambling is real, however, it’s not an issue for everyone looking to play online.

The clever thing about this approach from the Swedish lawmakers is that you don’t directly attack the casinos, who are, to some degree, out of their reach because they are foreign sites. So, by taking aim at the players governments are able to control both the profits of the casino and the potential of the players.

The gambling age in Sweden is 18 years of age and online casinos are permitted as there is no law that exists to prohibit the action of people online from using foreign sites. Therefore, online gambling becomes legal.

Affiliates Fighting for Your Rights

So, what are affiliate sites within the casino industry? Well, they are essentially partnerships that act as a voice for the operators out there. Many laws around the world ban online casinos from advertising in their country, Sweden being one of them.

An affiliate is a commission-led service that acts on behalf of the online casinos looking to service the market of a country. So, sites like, for example, are able to present Swedish players with a range of casino reviews for sites that are both legally licensed to provide online gambling and are able to support the Swedish Krona.

Players online can use the affiliated platforms that act as comparison sites. They will then provide users with unique affiliate links to partnered casinos and are able to offer specialist bonus offers in the process.

The Work of SvenskaOnlineCasino.Info

The number one affiliate site in Sweden right now is Svenskaonlinecasino. They supply a mammoth hub of gambling data and information. They support Swedish players online with a top 10 list of best Swedish casinos currently on the market. They have numerous guides and articles on casino features and bonuses. They provide casino guides that discuss software, payment methods and gambling licenses. They have multiple game guides for every casino game created; teaching you how to play along with professional tips that can potentially help you to win real money online.

The platform also provides reviews on the software developers that are partnered with the casinos online and with this a selection of free demo games.

Yes, directly from their website, Svenskaonlinecasino is providing authentic free slots, free video poker, free roulette, free blackjack and many more free games. These are presented so that players are able to learn before they gamble with real money and so they can understand how real casino games work and function.

The Svenskaonlinecasino website is a collective hub of everything that needs to be known about gambling in Sweden online and what is available. From articles on the law to gaming tips and strategies. For any new player stepping into the gambling world, this platform provides the essentials that help to make their users more rounded players.

Standout Services of Svenskaonlinecasino

The focal point of the website is to promote casinos; therefore, a key feature is to provide Swedish players with the best casino reviews.

Their reviews give a full breakdown of services and features. Their reviews discuss gaming, banking, software, security, Swedish laws, and promotions.

Now, because they are working in partnership with these gambling services, they are able to broker deals and exclusive promotions that can only be obtained by those using the affiliated service.

Because of the special setup, affiliates can provide users with specialist welcome bonuses for their top 10 casinos. Players can also unlock limited promotions which may be focused on a specific type of bonus offer. Swedes can get exclusive free spins that no other affiliate can provide. Or the affiliate can, for example, offer a list of top Swedish casinos with no wagering requirements within their bonus terms.

Where Do You Stand?

Gambling laws have always been an issue for any country. Whilst governments wish to promote a democratic front, they also cannot afford to lose any voter support. Gambling is and always will be taboo. There does need to be support offered to players that have gambling addictions, but laws should not invoke ruling to the detriment of the majority.

Gambling should only ever be undertaken if the player can afford the losses. It needs to be clear that whilst the potential to win money is very real, the fact is, that winning comes down to pure luck.

Right now, in Sweden, players have lots of choices where to play, there are no laws from stopping you accessing casino sites online. But make no mistake, we are heading towards a tipping point where legislation will seek to invoke rules over what you can deposit, bet, play, and even win. It’s the lawmakers that are now gambling with Sweden’s liberties.

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Affiliate Announcements

A Safer Gambling Environment For US Casino Players



A Safer Gambling Environment For US Casino Players


Responsible and legal gambling takes a step forwards in the US, with the launch of iGaming affiliate

US online casinos are regulated on a state-by-state basis, leaving some players confused as to what legal options they have when gambling online. With that confusion comes another risk: that of gambling at unregulated sites that don’t adhere to responsible gambling principles. This leaves players at the mercy of these “rogue” operators. combats this by offering a platform for players to discover legal, secure, and licensed online casinos in the US, ensuring they can game in a regulated and responsible environment.

A team of experienced casino players continually searches out and reviews sites that accept US players, and that team provides detailed and accurate information about any that recommends. This vetting process includes examining the safety and security, fairness, payment options and game variety that sites offer.

The rapid growth of the iGaming industry, generating $1.66 billion in the first semester of 2021, results in a strong responsibility to lower gaming addiction behaviours.

Reginald Terry, Counselor at Detroit’s Center for Establishing Recovery, specializing in gambling addictions, comments “Many sites operate in the US but may be housed in a foreign country, meaning disputes may be settled offshore. Because the user of an unregulated site has little (if any) protection, there is no way to determine if the user’s money is kept in a separate account in the event of bankruptcy. If users are unable to access their money freely, the process of withdrawal can become problematic. Another concern is user verification: unregulated sites may or may not verify users are who they say they are (or even old enough to gamble). It’s difficult enough keeping kids from lifting their parent’s credit cards to purchase loot boxes for video games. Globally, youth are becoming more and more addicted to video games and other internet activities. The last thing we need is an 11-year old coming in for counselling for problem gambling.”.

Ena Mecan, Content Manager at, says “We stay current with any changes regarding laws, regulations, and market updates. As a result, our recommended online gambling sites are tested on overall functionality, legal standing, as well as ease of responsible gambling resources and tools.”. operates in states where online gaming is currently legal: New JerseyPennsylvaniaMichiganWest Virginia, and Delaware. A detailed statement on the affiliate’s responsible gaming can be found at

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5 of the most popular sports betting markets



Sports betting is big business! There is a long history of being able to bet on the outcome of your favorite sport. The great changes that we have witnessed in technology mean that being able to do it is as easy as it has ever been. Not so many years ago you would need to see a bookmaker in person. Now, with the rise in online betting, you can bet on any event in any part of the world, no matter where you are.

This has seen new and exciting betting markets opening up, but when you look at what are the most popular, it seems that there is perhaps a touch of tradition with punters sticking to all-time favorites. Here’s a look at the 5 most popular. 



As the most popular game on the planet it is perhaps unsurprising that football is one of the most popular betting markets. When you take a look at great clubs such as Manchester City and consider any Premier League current match, it is easy to understand the excitement that the sport brings and why people are keen to place their bets. 

In the UK alone, there is over £1 billion spent on football bets. Considering the popularity of the English Premier League and the fact that games are streamed worldwide, the total amount that is bet is bound to be much much more. That’s before you even consider the numerous cups and tournaments that can be bet on too. 


Horse racing

When you mention a bookie the chances are that horse racing is one of the first sports that springs to mind. Although betting on this market may not be as popular as football, there is still a staggering £100 billion wagered every year around the globe. Online betting has opened up this sport to so many people and helped to increase its popularity.

While horse racing may have an obvious association with the UK (the likes of the Grand National and the Cheltenham Festival), it is a sport that is popular the world over. As well as a loyal UK following, those in Japan and Australia are also big fans. 



This one may be a bit of a surprise to many, but betting on tennis has seen real growth over the last few years. While the sport itself has long been popular, at one point the betting market was fairly restricted. The truth was that the sport had been dominated by great names for the last 20 odd years and so betting on an outcome was hardly exciting.

That has all changed now with the introduction of in-play betting. Punters are able to wager what they think is going to happen in each game and each set. They can also look for any potential upsets and move their money to bet on a surprising outcome too. This has made betting on tennis matches so much more enjoyable.



Golf is hardly a fast-paced game and often you are waiting 3 days or more to finally see the outcome. That being the case, what makes it a popular sport to bet on? When you take a look at the likes of the Ryder Cup, typically you will have 70-80 players teeing off. This means that there are so many betting combinations that there is enough to keep everyone interested.

Punters can bet on an array of outcomes. There are so many variables, odds, and potential winners that it really is an exciting sport to bet on.



The fastest-growing sports betting market has to be esports. Bookies have long looked at the likes of virtual races, but from around 2020 the popularity of virtual sports exploded. Punters are able to look at games such as FIFA and bet on the outcomes. Alongside sport-based games, there are also titles such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends to consider.

The growing popularity of esports has seen a great deal of money going its way. Prize funds for winners run into millions and this has really led to an increase in competition. This makes it a great sport for punters to bet on. 

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5 of the most popular sports betting markets

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