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Use of Social Media for Online Gambling Affiliates



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Hi guys, my name is George Miller from the GAV Team – The Gambling Affiliate VoiceMy tasks include the implementation of the daily content, conducting affiliate/affiliate manager interviews, and of course over viewing the latest SEO and Social Media techniques.  has become a leading website which covers the affiliate industry with all of it’s aspects.

In this article I will describe the most important aspects of Social Media use to bring more traffic to your affiliate website and increase your online presence.


Online gaming/iGaming companies have been very slow in embracing the world of social media than one might have think. Having had a dominant presence in the online since Internet use became widespread in the late ’90s, and being real pioneers themselves, one might have expected that online casinos would have recognized and understood the importance of social media before many other industries. Online gaming/iGaming companies are only now catching up and using social media as an effective way to reach and to engage a new customer base.
Casinos (both the online and offline) as well all affiliates, need to evolve to survive. Social media became full-fledged media in 2016. It is no longer a low cost David marketing option against the pricier established media Goliath’s.
2017 will be all about how you as a marketer/affiliate need to approach social media in order to succeed and drive profitable sales. You can’t think about social media as a place to engage with prospects or distribute your content. People continue to spend time on social media, on average just under 3 hours per day.

With social media playing such an important role in our daily lives, we have compiled an article that is going to take a look at how you could use social media to obtain all manner of little extras from online gambling affiliate sites.
For any affiliate these days, social media is (or should be) an integral part of its success. These platforms allow affiliates to connect with their customers, building interest and also a community in an very organic way. For online casinos, engaging with gamers and creating relationships through social media is the best marketing approach they could ever have.

As you have by now become aware of the most forward looking casino sites are always looking at new and innovative ways to attract new players to their sites and also keep their current players loyal to their brands, and many of them have embraced social media as they way they can do just that.
With this in mind below you have an overview of some of the different ways affiliates are looking to build up their brand awareness using social media and also as a way for them to offer new and existing players all manner of little extras.


1, Twitter
twitterThe majority of online gambling affiliate sites are using Twitter as a way of informing not just their players but also

any potential new customers of the offers, promotions and any new games they have launched. You can also use your Twitter account as a way of always being kept fully up to date in regards to what is happening at one of more casino sites. Another thing you will notice as soon as you do start to use Twitter is that there are going to be a huge number of fellow affiliates you can then follow, and if you are a keen and avid online gambling affiliate all online casinos will have some form of presence on Twitter, and as such it can often pay dividends for you to follow as many casino sites that you have an account at. By doing so you are going to be kept fully up to date with all of the current promotional offers being given away by those casinos and will often find several Twitter user exclusive promotional offers being made available to you. In fact Twitter is a great way for all online gambling sites to also let you know about any new casino games that have just been or are shortly going to be launched, thus you really should include as many casino sites as you can to your list of Twitter users you follow.

Twitter about their own gambling content policy
“Twitter prohibits the promotion of gambling content, except for campaigns targeting specified countries where it is allowed with restrictions as explained below.
Please Note: In certain cases listed below, advertisers are only permitted if they have prior authorization from Twitter. Authorization starts with being in touch with a Twitter account team. Instructions for contacting Twitter are included in each case.”

Products or services that are subject to this policy:
This policy applies, but is not limited, to:
– Online casinos and gambling, sports betting, and bingo
– Physical, brick-and-mortar casino establishments
– Online fantasy sports sites
– Bonus codes, vouchers and coupons redeemable for gambling content
-E-books/sites facilitating or leading to online gambling-related content, including affiliates and other sites driving traffic to gambling
– Gambling-related software such as gambling software and poker odds calculators
– Sites or services providing tips, odds, handicapping, sports picks, forecasts or poker odds calculators
-Scratch games
-Games/apps played for money

What products or services are not subject to this policy?

This policy generally does not prohibit:

– Hotels with a casino where the focus is on the hotel
– Gambling accessories (such as poker chips or pachinko machines)
News and information about fantasy sports
For more information on this subject please visit:


2, Facebook
facebookWith so many people now signed up to Facebook it’s no surprise that most if not all online casino/gambling sites will
also have their own Facebook page, and as such if you do enjoy reading messages and find out what any online casino/gambling site you play at has on offer then you will be making a wise decision adding those casinos to your list of friends on Facebook. By doing so you can follow their marketing/sale efforts!
If you’re looking to boost or perhaps create a new Facebook page for your affiliate site you will need a few things ready in advance, and keep in mind that the more you work on these points, the better your Facebook page’s first impressions will be.
Make sure that you follow the following steps in order to have a top notch gambling affiliate Facebook page:
– First of all write a detailed description of your website
– Write a headline or a short description of your website
– Get your profile image ready. This should be about 180-200px wide.
Get your cover image ready. This should be about 828 x 315 desktop/828x 65 mobile.
Get your first post ready: Tell the world all about your affiliate site, and why it is the best around. This will be linked to your first post and be the anchor post (the last thing a search spider will see on your Facebook page until the end of time) so it is very important to make this of the best quality. In order to be able to do the above, you will need a personal Facebook page first. If you already have a personal Facebook account make sure that you use it and skip down to where you will select the type of page you want to create.

If you’re finished with the creation of your Facebook page for your gambling affiliate site, you’re ready to get that first post up and consider hitting the advertise/boost button to start an audience. It is not cheap, but it still converts. You may share other webmasters/gambling affiliate’s posts on your Facebook page in order to network and also diversify your posts.
You should also join Facebook groups that focus on online gambling, affiliation, etc. or are in your niche. Make sure that you don’t just spam their wall with your offerings, though – read the rules and play by them. Often there will be a specific day when you can share your work/site, or specific threads in which you can do so. Be a team player and visit some of the other affiliate sites too – don’t just drop your link and run!
Try posting at different times and different content and monitor the reaction you get. Do more of what your audience likes! Enjoy gaining that much needed notoriety and visibility leading to a very successful online gambling affiliate project and more gambling affiliate money in your pocket.

Facebook about their own policies regarding gambling sites
“Adverts that promote or facilitate online real money gambling, real money games of skill or real money lotteries, including online real money casinos, sport books, bingo or poker, are only allowed with prior written permission. Authorised gambling, games of skill or lottery adverts must target people over the age of 18 who are in jurisdictions for which permission has been granted.”
For more information please visit:


3, Instagram
Instagram is of course a way of posting pictures and images online and letting other users see what those pictures are all about, and ever eager to ensure they are always up to date with every type of social media site available you will find a number of online casinos/gambling sites have started to use Instagram.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platform’s ever. It’s not only used for personal “meal sharing,”-LOL, but also to build brands and audiences centered around a specific idea or lifestyle. Online gaming brands are always on the lookout for new ways to bring new users to the table and somehow expand their brand above the standard circle of audiences that they can usually attract.
Instagram is a viable marketing tool that’s centered around lifestyle, as opposed to focusing on specific problems or solutions. As an gambling affiliate, you can use Instagram to present the lifestyle that your prospective audience is interested in, and through this you can attract them to the products that you’re promoting.
It’s not a direct marketing method, but it’s a brand new take on online promotion that can become even more powerful. For example, in the traditional model you’d say, “Hey, you want to do some online gambling? Here are the ways to do it.” In the new model you’d say, “Hey, are you interested in this lifestyle? Here’s how to get there through online gambling.
You could start posting pictures and images of your latest games, bonuses, promotions, and you should also try to stay up to date with as many casino/online gambling sites as you can, for by doing so you will always be the first to know just what new games are on offer at those sites. Another good trick is to upload winning screenshots, players always enjoy viewing lots of winnings screenshots for if nothing else it does prove to those players that you will always have the chance of winning big when playing your casino games online, and you can often get a true feel for just how generous a range of online casino games are when you view several different winnings screenshots on Instagram.

Successfully converting players via social media channels has proven to be more challenging for online gambling affiliates than anyone would have expected; and it’s not for lack of trying. Some affiliates have thrown incredible amounts of marketing resources at building a solid social presence, only to find sales leads coming in at a snail’s pace!

If you’d like to succeed in the Social and make sure you boost your social presence here are a few general tips that could help you :
Sell your benefits, and not your products: your players want to know how your products or partners can improve their lives. For gambling affiliates, this means pitching deals that offer rebates on losses, or poker schools, or anything that makes players feel like they’re getting the upper hand.
Social media users are real people: do you know the terms used to describe the people who subscribe to your social media channels. They’re called, friends and followers because they are actual people.
Don’t stretch yourself too much: target one or two channels where you know your customers are more present and active, that’s a great place to get your feet wet 🙂 .

It’s not about how many followers you have: the measure of success on social media is not how many followers you can accumulate, as most people would think. It’s all about how many conversions you’re making and how many shares your content is racking up.


This article appeared first on EEGReport Magazine.


Non-South African Platforms are Breaking into ZA iGaming



Non-South African Platforms are Breaking into ZA iGaming
Photo Soure: pixabay


While Europe has established a very healthy iGaming industry and traditional forms of iGaming are taking root in North America – as the activity of gambling on daily fantasy sports has been long-established – platforms are turning their attention to the next big regions. There’s a lot of excitement around South America given the recent changes in regulation in Peru and Colombia, but perhaps the most interesting locale is that of Africa.

The African market is very promising, with there being a remarkable demand for the gambling segment alongside the relatively small level of competition in place. Focusing on the current market of South Africa, it can be seen that alongside domestic providers, some non-South African platforms have been able to garner some of the audience. Today we look at how these international brands are winning the trust of the consumer in this potential future hotbed of iGaming.

The state of play in ZA

South Africa totes three well-rated nationally-based online casino operators win Springbok Casino, their sister site Thunderbolt Casino, and ZAR Casino. However, among the small collection of online casino brands present in the South African online space, there are two standout international websites. Based in Malta, Sloty Casino and Karamba Casino offer their gaming to South Africa and are both ranked among the most popular online casinos in the country. Sloty ranks the highest of the two, but Karamba boasts the only perfect five-star review score of all five of the stated operators.

As you would assume from a rather underdeveloped and only slightly competitive online casino scene, the established national brands haven’t been required to reach a high level yet. Brands that are Europe-facing have had to keep up with the competition and continue to enhance their offering. While the incoming casinos didn’t necessarily have to bring their whole European platform and could arguably have entered the market with a slightly better offering than what’s in place, they appear to have done so to great effect.

Competing with European experience

Source: pixabay

As can be seen across the five detailed brands, they all cater to the local audience by offering the rand currency. However, the experience of the Malta-based brands shines through as soon as you look at the welcome bonuses available to South African players. Springbok and its sister site offer a nice welcome bonus of bonus funds, but Karamba and Sloty offer 100 free spins and 300 free spins respectively, alongside bonus funds. ZAR has followed this welcome bonus structure as it has proven to be competitive in Europe, let alone the comparatively sparse space of South Arica.

Another key aspect is the range of game providers included on the websites. Springbok, which is currently ranked as the best in South Africa, only offers games from RTG. While RTG is a great game developer, only offering titles from one provider can make the experience feel lacking in variety. Sloty boasts games from the likes of Yggdrasil, Oryx Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go, and Evolution Gaming while Karamba draws from NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, NeoGames, and Evolution Gaming. More games, more creative directions, and more regular updates to the library become essential in a competitive sector.

One area where nationally-based online casinos should have the upper hand is in banking. Two of the South Africa-based casinos, Thunderbolt and Springbok, offer more than enough safe, secure, and relevant transaction options to their players (seven and five respectively), with ZAR lacking by only offering Visa and MasterCard deposits and withdrawals. Sloty has the same five-piece selection as Springbok, but Karamba has gone all-in with 11 payment options. It should be noted, however, that only Thunderbolt caters to Bitcoin transactions – a type of payment method that could become increasingly important to African-facing companies in the future.
While Springbok, Thunderbolt, and ZAR undoubtedly offer high-quality online casino gaming platforms to the players of South Africa, Karamba and Sloty have immediately broken into the market by competing on a similar level to that of Europe as opposed to the much more shallow playing field of Africa.

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AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service returned over $8,79 million to players in 2019



AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service returned over $8,79 million to players in 2019


AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service team helped almost 2,000 players recover more than $8,79 million in unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money in 2019.

The official AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service annual report for 2019 is out and showing impressive results! AGCCS broke their own record by recovering the staggering $8,795,250.89 of unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money, which amounts to a 30% increase in comparison to the 2018 results.

According to the AGCCS Annual Report 2019, the customer support team received and reviewed 9,809 new complaints last year which were
submitted by 6,804 players against 725 different online casino brands. What’s more, the customer support team accepted 2,650 cases. In total, the support team resolved 2,257 of accepted cases, which amounts to 84% of the total accepted cases.

The AskGamblers customer support team stated: “We are very pleased to announce that we broke previous year’s records. We want to take this opportunity to thank players for using AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and to invite even more gambling enthusiasts to turn to us whenever they have a complaint.”

You can read the full AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service 2019 report on AskGamblers and visit AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service to submit any complaints.

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Things must change



Things must change


James Ashton from says that affiliates targeting self-excluded players are damaging the entire industry

The relationship between online casino operators and affiliates is under more strain than ever before as regulators and watchdogs continue to tighten responsible gambling requirements.

The UK Gambling Commission has made clear that operators are ultimately responsible for the content that is published on their behalf by affiliates.

This has forced online gambling brands and their affiliate managers to audit their publisher partners and set guidelines for the responsible marketing of their sites.

As a professional online casino affiliate committed to responsible and compliant marketing, we have welcomed this approach as we believe it is also our responsibility to protect players.

This has seen us carry out major changes to our site, from ensuring significant and full terms and conditions are always next to bonus offers via auditing and reworking content.

For example, our best online casino page only lists four of our partner online casino brands with those listed scoring the highest during our review process.

Other online casino affiliates list hundreds of online casinos under their best online casino pages in a bid to maximise revenues from what is usually a high-volume traffic page.

We believe players searching for best online casinos are looking for information about the brands that stand out above the rest – listing hundreds to maximise commission is therefore irresponsible.

There are plenty of online casinos affiliates just like us, affiliates that care about players and being responsible over trying to turn a quick profit. But there are some that are not.

Recently I have seen a growing number of online casino affiliates creating content aimed at UK players that have self-excluded, pushing them to non UKGC-licensed websites.

These publishers are writing ranking pages around terms such as “Online casinos not on GamStop” when we all know that UKGC-licensed operators must work with GamStop.

These ranking pages then list tens or even hundreds of online casino sites that hold licenses from Curaçao and other offshore jurisdictions.

The only reason for creating content around these terms is to target those that have self-excluded because they believe they have a gambling problem or acknowledge the have an addiction.

This is disgraceful behaviour on behalf of the affiliate and is doing untold damage to publishers that believe the foundation of their business is to protect all players, not just the most vulnerable.

Some publishers have stopped short of actually listing online casinos that are not on GamStop and that don’t hold a UKGC licence, but have still created content around these terms.

Again, this is clearly aimed at drawing players searching for these terms to their sites, and then pushing them to other articles and reviews where they are encouraged to sign up and play.

Online gambling operators should also be concerned; some of the publishers creating these sorts of pages are among the largest in the industry and also promote UK-licensed brands.

These operators should be concerned about what impact partnering with affiliates that undertake such black hat techniques might have on their licence should the UKGC find out.

This practice needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency; online casino affiliates publishing such pages should do the right thing and take them down.

UK-licensed online casino operators should better audit their partners – just Google “Online casinos not on GamStop” and you can easily see who is creating content around these terms.

Once they have identified the culprits, they should issue an ultimatum – remove the page or they will cease working with them. This is the only way to protect players and, ultimately, their licence.

On a personal and professional note, it really is a shame to see that some affiliates do not see that their ultimate responsibility is to ensure that players are properly protected.

To do this, they need to provide them with the information they need – including T&Cs – about online casinos to enable them to make an informed decision about where to play.

They should make players aware of the resources available to them if they do feel they have a problem, such as GamStop, and not use it as a technique for acquiring new players.

There are plenty of affiliates out there doing great things when it comes to responsible gambling and compliance, which makes it such as shame that a small number are behaving so badly.

This is not only damaging to online gambling operators and affiliates, but also to the UK players they are pushing to these offshore sites.

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AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service returned over $8,79 million to players in 2019

  AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service team helped almost 2,000 players recover more than $8,79 million in unpaid, delayed or unfairly confiscated money...

Things must change Things must change
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Things must change

  James Ashton from says that affiliates targeting self-excluded players are damaging the entire industry The relationship between online...

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