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The Outlook for UK iGaming Affiliate Marketing in 2021



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The iGaming industry can be quite lucrative for affiliates who know how to make the most out of available affiliate programs. UK online gambling brands from sportsbooks to casinos and everything in between rely on all types of online and offline advertising strategies to acquire and retain customers. Affiliate marketing is one such strategy that has evolved in importance over the years. This evolution is likely to continue in 2021.

Even though 2020 has been a rather rocky year due to COVID-19, iGaming affiliate marketing share in 2021 has the potential to grow with new online UK bookmakers establishing (and big-name online UK bookmakers re-establishing) a foothold in the profitable football betting market. Already, brand new bookies are starting to appear with the 2020/21 sports season set to begin. These new bookies mean the potential for more affiliate marketing opportunities because affiliate programs tend to be one of the most cost-effective methods for acquiring new customers.


Affiliate marketing spend has increased over the years

For sportsbooks and casinos, over the last decade, affiliate marketing has become an increasingly important marketing strategy for expanding their online reach to attract new punters via desktop and mobile channels.

According to a Regulus Partners report, in the past few years there has been massive growth in UK gambling online marketing spend, which increased form £376 million in 2014 to £725 million in 2017. As such, it comes as no surprise that this same report found that there was also notable growth in Affiliate marketing spend, with an increase from £274 million in 2014 to £295 million in 2017. This is quite the jump considering that affiliate marketing typically tends to be one of the least expensive forms of advertising.

It is highly probably that these figures will continue to climb higher into next year as more of Britain’s gamblers choose to bet online out of convenience, ease of mobile access and the pandemic crisis.


Current iGaming Affiliate restrictions

Presently, gambling online in the UK is at an all time high. According to the UK Gambling Commission’s gambling industry statistics covering the period between October 2018 and September 2019, gross gambling yield has grown. More specifically, some of the biggest increases have been seen in the remote (online) betting, bingo and casino markets. Focusing on betting specifically, the total gross gambling yield for remote betting during this time period was £2.1 billion, a 4.3% increase from April 2018 – May 2019.

However, while this may be good news for gambling operators and their affiliates, a growing concern about increased problem gambling and gambling addiction in the country, has lead to a call for tighter regulations to be placed on operators, specifically restrictions regarding advertising.

This isn’t the first time that restrictions have been placed on UK gambling-related advertising, including iGaming affiliate marketing. Three years ago, tighter regulations were placed on operators, making them liable for the actions of their affiliate partners to help try and curb advertising misleading information. This has resulted in betting firms being hit with fines rather than their affiliates when their affiliates advertised misleading information about the firm’s promotions.

These stricter guidelines were designed to motivate gambling operators to encourage their affiliates to stick to advertising regulations, otherwise the operator would be held responsible if the advertising was found to be in breach of Gambling Commission rules.  As a direct result of these rules, some firms closed their affiliate programs altogether, including Sky Bet, who didn’t want to take a chance with untrustworthy affiliates.


What the future could hold for iGaming affiliates

However, in spite of the current affiliate marketing regulation responsibilities placed on operators, some feel that this is not enough. It is possible that, in the future, the UK government may take the next step and regulate iGaming affiliates directly. If this should occur, it could mean that affiliates would be required to register or license their operations before deals can be made to promote legal sportsbooks.

These changes could impact affiliates by introducing new:

  • Regulation costs – A fee may need to be paid by affiliates to be regulated.
  • Legal requirements – Affiliates would be required to ensure regulatory compliance, meaning that if they breach rules they would also be subject to a fine along with the operator.
  • Increased acquisitions – Smaller affiliates are not likely to survive with the new regulatory changes, making it easier for larger affiliates to purchase them, reducing competition.

There is no question that if the Gambling Commission chooses to crack down further on affiliate marketing, this would have an effect on iGaming affiliate market share in the future. However, as it stands now, with new online bookmakers popping up onto the scene and the new football season ready to start, the outlook seems bright for iGaming affiliates in 2021.


Online Gaming Popularity



Online Gaming Popularity


The online gaming industry is now the biggest entertainment industry in the world. It has even eclipsed movie and music sales during the pandemic. The gaming industry keeps growing year after year. It has a huge presence in the United States, but the gaming phenomenon is even bigger abroad. A quarter of all internet users are gamers, and they are not just kids anymore.

Online Gaming Convenience

Online gaming gives you an opportunity to enjoy your favorite game from anywhere, at any time. All you need is internet access, and you can enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to spend money to buy games and play the same one again and again. You have the freedom to pick from thousands of free games available on the internet. Also, the games are easy to understand so even beginners at gaming can manage to play them.

Even while sitting alone for hours, gamers aren’t necessarily isolated. With the rise of social media, gamers have perfected the art of building communities in and around video games.

Growth of Gaming During Pandemic

Gaming has skyrocketed during the pandemic, reaching people who’d play every now and then, or even those who had previously snubbed it entirely. And at a time in which many industries are in dire straits, sales in gaming are booming.

The explosive growth of gaming during the pandemic has shown that many have found a new outlet for much-need connection in isolation. Gamers don’t just compete with strangers on the internet, but forge genuine, enduring friendships.

The Future of Gaming

Although still a relatively new segment of the industry, mobile gaming has developed at an astonishing rate. Part of mobile’s breakneck growth can be attributed to an innovative and seamless user experience which relies on engaging features such as in-app purchases and loyalty rewards. With the 5G era quickly descending upon us, these pocket-sized game consoles could transform online gaming, and make the industry even more exciting.


In conclusion, online gaming has changed the face of gaming entirely. Players can now find communities and friends that share their gaming tastes. Online gaming has also been able to introduce a highly competitive gaming scene for top players from all around the world to compete. All in all, online gaming has created an expansive world for not only games but also for players.

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5 Top Online Bingo Affiliate Programs



5 Top Online Bingo Affiliate Programs


The rising popularity of online bingo games in the gambling industry has opened opportunities for a bingo affiliate to capitalise on it. As bingo has a high retention rate due to its community aspect, slots, scratch cards, and side games to these bingo players (while they wait for their game to start) make the game even more popular.

What Are Online Bingo Affiliates?

A bingo affiliate is a person or an organisation that agrees through registering an affiliate program to send traffic towards vendors of bingo games for financial rewards.

To become a bingo affiliate, you can join a successful bingo affiliate program available on the market. While registering, don’t just focus on the financial gain; look for these terms before accepting –

  • Higher welcome offer

  • Good loyalty program

  • Best game selections

  • Cutting edge player experience

You must stay away from un-popular affiliate programs as they may not have top bingo games to attract many customers. To get all the information about the top bingo games on the UK regulated best bingo site, check the It provides you with the necessary information you need about the best bingo sites with offers and bonuses.

Here are the Five Top Online Bingo Affiliate Programs

1) William Hill Affiliates

It’s one of the most popular casino brands with an international reach with a wide range of offers. Its primary markets are in Spain, Italy, and the UK. It also offers sports betting and William Hill Casino brands in Spanish and Italian versions.

Commission – Flat rate of revenue share – 30%.

2) Kindred Affiliates

Its affiliation is created through the 32Red affiliate program. In it, referred players get a chance to choose top bingo rooms with a unique progressive jackpot and other lucrative games. Its main markets are in the UK, Europe, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, and worldwide. It offers casino brands like 11 Gambling Casinos, 32Red, Unibet,, MariaCasino, iGame, etc.

Commission – Revenue share – 25 to 35%

3) 888 Affiliates

It’s a part of a bigger affiliate network created by It provides membership to some of the most successful bingo sites with a great bingo community.

Its primary markets are in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, and worldwide. It offers casino brands like 888 casinos, 888 pokers, 888 sport, 888 bingo, pacific poker, and 888 ladies.

Commission – Revenue share – up to 40%.

4) Betfred Affiliates

Playtech first launched it then changed to Betfred bingo to reach the highly appealing online fusion part of the game. Its main markets are in the UK, Spain, and Italy. It offers only Betfred casino brands.

Commission – Revenue share – 25% – 40%

5) Party Bingo Affiliates

It’s one of the most recent additions to the brand programs that promote some of the profitable bingo gaming brands. You can also promote all brands through this affiliation. Its main markets are in the UK, Spain, and Italy. It offers casino brands like Bwin, PartyBingo, Partycasino, and partypoker.

Commission – Revenue share – 25% – 35%


Whichever online bingo affiliate program you join, make sure it has the best payment options/procedures, prompt customer support, updated banners, and the best affiliate user interfaces. Before you make the call, don’t forget to carefully read the terms and compare them with other bingo affiliate programs.

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The Lottery Office Launches with Cellxpert Affiliate Tracking Platform to Give Affiliates More Tools to Improve Conversion



Cellxpert - Lottery Office


Global Players Network Pty Ltd operating under The Lottery Office brand, today announced a new Lottery Office affiliate program running on the Cellxpert affiliate tracking platform. The change supports The Lottery Office’s technology stack for delivering a better affiliate experience. The platform enables affiliates to build on the reputation of one of the only licensed and regulated lottery brands in the Australian market that rewards affiliates with a comprehensive range of incentives and dedicated affiliate management. Simultaneously, the program is flexible enough to meet the modern demands of a robust, reliable, and technologically sound offering that holds up to the requirements of the most discerning affiliate.

“Recent changes to third party cookies and the soon to be introduced privacy measures from Apple pose significant challenges for both affiliates and programs,” said Jaclyn Wood, CEO at Global Players Network.

Wood added, “we want to do our best to provide a transparent and reliable solution for our affiliates as the traditional affiliate models become redundant, and the evolution of affiliate marketing takes effect.”

Assaf Dor, Cellxpert CEO, commented, “We are pleased to be working with such a well-recognized and trusted brand in the Australian lottery space.” Dor went on to say, “The Lottery Office and Cellxpert are similarly aligned in their business philosophies, which include trust, reliable service, and the ability to move with the times as clients’ needs and technologies change.”

With a leading-edge approach to its program, The Lottery Office allows affiliates to utilize a range of business models that best suit the individual affiliate’s needs and their affiliate marketing strategy and skills.

Affiliates are looking for partners that they can trust to work with, and a big part of that trust comes down to how good the affiliate tracking is to support the affiliate’s efforts. Rightful attribution is one of the most vital elements of correct reporting to ensure that each affiliate’s earnings are accurate.

Through integration with Appsflyer and Cellxpert, The Lottery Office affiliate program reports on players who are tracked via Appsflyer for app marketing affiliates and captures any players who may have registered via the website after installing the app. This kind of transparency is not shared with many affiliate programs, but with strong ethical responsibility, The Lottery Office is again leading the way.

Roo Wright, Affiliate Operations Manager at The Lottery Office added, “With so much choice in affiliate tracking software available today, Cellxpert was the one that stood out from the pack. Cellxpert is a natural fit for The Lottery Office affiliate program as our platform requirements are comprehensive and service matters to our business. Cellxpert has exceeded our expectations on both counts.”

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