is a strong and well-respected horse racing brand, with excellent SEO rankings, a wide product offering and content. It enjoys far-reaching recognition in the UK and further enhances Catena Media’s other UK-based assets, such as The acquired asset currently generates quarterly sales of about GBP 150.000 per quarter.

”Catena Media has a strong strategy for growth and an outspoken ambition to break into new online services. It is our firm belief that this small yet strategic and very well-known site enjoys vast opportunities for growth. Catena Media will be the partner that delivers on these opportunities,” says Henrik Persson Ekdahl, CEO of Catena Media.

The initial purchase price, payable in conjunction with the transfer of the assets, amounts to an upfront, cash-only payment of GBP 2 million.

The assets will be consolidated into Catena Media by June 2018.