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SEO Wizardry – How gambling affiliates can stay ahead of the new Google Penguin update



Penguin update

The first Google Penguin update was confirmed on April 24, 2012. It’s role was to algorithmically penalize those websites that were considered to violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by being involved in so called “link schemes”. It’s main focus was on those thought or found to be buying links or to acquire them through link farms or networks, whose sole purpose was to boost and increase their Google rankings artificially.

This first Penguin update has changed SEO strategies since it’s introduction by removing those who were thought to be using this kind of techniques or simply pushing them down on the SERP’s!

This update gave birth to a whole new era, where SEO’s had to place a whole lot more accent and time on obtaining those highly desired quality links and to produce highly relevant and unique content that would generate on-page engagement an thus getting those relevant and why not organic backlinks!

The first rumours about a new Penguin Update appeared in 2015, Google’s spokespeople declared that this time it would be a real-time update, meaning that any site caught on operating against Google’s Webmaster guidelines would be downgraded instantly – but there’s no need to panic, the recovery will be made a lot more faster too!

Where are you at?

Two years have past since the last Penguin update, so before you dive into a new plan you might wanna check your current status! It would be wise to have a look at your strong points and your weak points, focusing on how the previous updates may have impacted your link/content strategy!

Your main focus should be on your backlink profile! Where are your links coming from, are they from relevant and authoritative sites and domains, or from spammy sites!?! You should also check what kind of links your domain has, footer or sidebar links or even worse links from comments or forum signature links? Don’t forget to check your anchor text distribution, making sure that you’re not using any money or spammy anchor text’s. Your anchor text’s should be natural and your external links from trusted sites, keeping in mind that your brand or domain name is a perfect and a very natural anchor text too!

Anchor text diversity

In the pre Penguin era, webmasters frequently used their keywords also as anchor texts for backlinks thus achieving higher positions in the SERP’s for the given keywords. This technique as many others in the past became abused leading to a mass scale of penalties from Google!

There is no perfect or exact balance on the diversification of anchor texts, but if you keep your anchors relevant and engaging to the visitors you shouldn’t encounter any problems! And if you like it on the safe side, than here are a few anchor texts that will keep you there:

  • Partially matching or long tail keywords, anchor texts with synonyms, naked URL’s (in all variations), brand names, image links with optimized alt text.

Internal links

Another vital step is to assess your internal link profile and make sure that it’s well structured and relevant for your site but also for the users so that they can browse trough your site easily! Having this done you should be able to offer Google and your users a safe and clear hierarchy!

Quality content

One of the core targets of the Penguin update is to find and penalize sites that use black-hat techniques such as manipulating links. The most effective way in making a penalty free site is to provide Google with quality and highly relevant content thus making sure that your visitors also find the information relevant and engaging and shareable.

Nowadays Google’s algorithm changes switched the focus from the simple and fast ranking techniques to a more user experienced journey where marketers should focus on creating the right content and making this available for all devices, having this done you should easily sail towards that highly desired #1 SERP’s for your website!


Live Dealers Prove Big Draw for Online Casinos



Live Dealers Prove Big Draw for Online Casinos


The online casino experience has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the simple and unappealing presentations that players encountered with their favourite games. They’ve been replaced by attractive and exciting displays that not only replicate the physical-casino setup but are beamed directly from specialised studios with live dealers in charge of the action. 

It’s all down to the power of the internet and the development of newer technologies that allow the best live casinos online to provide thrilling playing and betting experiences for their customers all over the world. And it’s the widespread availability of increasingly reliable broadband internet that has made it possible for just about every adult that’s eligible to take part and enjoy themselves without leaving the comfort of their homes.

This is why online gambling has taken off in recent years, and in places like the United Kingdom — where betting and gambling are enormous pastimes and a giant industry worth £14.3 billion a year — it’s taking an ever-larger slice of the gambling space pie. According to the most recent figures from last year, online gambling in the UK is now worth £3.2 billion annually, a 3.9% rise on the figures from the previous year. 

People are playing on their desktops, laptops, tablets and, increasingly, their smartphones as the best live casinos are typically configured to work on the entire range of popular devices in use today. It’s not only the convenience of online casinos that’s providing such an attraction, but the time and cost savings too — why drive or fly to a casino and stay at a hotel when you don’t have to?


What Happens at Live-Dealer Casinos?

Online casinos with live-dealer features are broadcast via the internet from studios in various parts of the world. They have everything you’d expect from a physical casino depending on the type of game you’re playing — roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat and a whole lot more. When you sign up for an account at one of the best online casinos, you’ll typically be offered a promotion or bonus that may include cash sums that you can start using straight away to place bets — so an initial deposit might not be required. 

You’ll be able to interact with the dealer and everything is done in the same way as an offline casino. If you’re playing a card game like poker, for instance, the cards will be real and not a graphic, like they were in the early days of online casinos. The dealer will shuffle them, and you can place your bets, all in real-time, giving you the experience of being at a physical casino. As well as interacting with the dealer, you may also be able to chat with your fellow players — usually via a live chat feature.


Added Benefits of the Best Live Casinos

If you’re used to playing at physical casinos and are now spending more time at some of the best live casinos online, you’ll have surely noticed that there are additional attractions to the latter. They may have innovations you won’t find at offline casinos such as giant wheels spun by live presenters in games that are specially created for the online casino experience — Crazy Time from online casino provider Evolution Gaming is one such example. 

Plus, there’s added graphics to make the experience of remote playing and gambling all the more exciting, and the best studios are fitted out with the latest in lighting and other elements so that they look vibrant, inviting and make you want to stay and play. 

It turns out that you can bet on live dealer online casinos to offer a great time every time you visit.

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News Has Rebranded To


on Has Rebranded To


Welcome To TheBigFreeChipList’s New Identity

The leading gambling portal, TheBigFreeChipList, has rebranded itself as to better reflect the company’s current goals and objectives. The new identity was meant to bring awareness to the company’s offerings, as the new domain name is more tuneful, shorter, and easier to remember.

TheBigFreeChipList is not gone for good – the company has implemented a restructuring process without losing its brand essence whatsoever. Players will find the same top-quality online gambling content in the same user-friendly approach. The rebranding has only targeted the gambling platform’s name, without changing the interface of the website. is renowned for its Playground section and the Community Shop, two unique features on the market. The reason for the Playground’s originality is that the section hosts an excellent selection of games, where gamblers can play using Chipy coins, the website’s exclusive currency, for a chance to win.

With the Chipy coins, players can visit the Community Shop, a virtual shopping section, and indulge themselves with a generous collection of fun items. They have the opportunity to turn their coins into actual money by purchasing “Real Money Items”, acquire exclusive bonus offers by visiting the “Shop Bonuses” section, as well as getting hold of some really cool “Avatar Items”.

A Foray Into The Past

The company was established in 2012, under the name of TheBigFreeChipList, and was an immediate success. Only a few months after its launching into the online gambling industry, the Bonus Blog section of the site became extremely popular among gambling aficionados. This section is enjoying a lot of popularity in the present day as well.

It didn’t take long for TheBigFreeChipList to become one of the most trustworthy and reputable online gambling portals in the industry. Its offerings have always consisted of wide-ranging lists of online casinos rated and reviewed by real players, first-class collections of casino bonuses, entertaining game titles, and top software providers. And last but not least, an extensive and reliable news section aimed to bring users the latest gambling news.

Final Thoughts

TheBigFreeChipList has passed on its legacy to with the purpose of finding a balance between old and new, without losing its brand essence. The new identity represents the company in the online gambling industry and all the interconnected assets that come with this change are meant to propel into one of the best online gambling platforms on the market.

Chipy team believes that this change is important for further development and is hopeful that will bring significant benefits not only for the gambling portal but also for the players – as this rebranding process was before anything else an improvement meant to help users easily and efficiently retain the name of the website.


Be sure to check out and keep an eye out for all the fun surprises this rebranding has brought with it!

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Sports Betting Thriving Despite Lockdown




Wanna Make a Bet?

The global pandemic put North American professional sports on the shelf for nearly five months but bettors soon found leagues that they never knew existed and, well, if you’re dying of thirst in the desert and someone offers you water, you don’t ask if it’s Fiji. Soon there were millions of experts on Belarusian soccer and Taiwanese paddle ball willing to put up or shut up. Even eSports became a mainstream betting vehicle with everything from League of Legends to Madden NFL simulations.

Sports betting may not be the oldest profession but it is quickly becoming one of the most compelling. After decades in the shadows, it has recently been legitimized due to it finally being legalized in many parts of the United States. But gambling, whether it be legal or illegal, will always be pervasive because it’s fun, and potentially profitable if you know what you’re doing.

Adam Burns, an industry sportsbook director, stated, “Business is booming. “We probably took in 10 times more money than last year on the 2020 NFL Draft. It goes to show people are looking for something to bet on. The draft is always big, but I couldn’t believe how much money [was bet] when I woke up the next morning.”

In April of this year, betting was up 50 percent at New Jersey sportsbooks over last year on sports other than basketball, football, and baseball, to the tune of $21.7 million.

Prior to the reopening of sports in North America, Dustin Gouker, lead analyst for network, stated, “The rise in bets on nontraditional sports has been interesting, and with auto racing and golf closer to starting, that trend could increase.”

Books are Booming

Now that the NBA, MLB, and NHL are in full swing, business is booming even more as evidenced by reports from the best online sportsbooks in the industry. But with the king of kings, the NFL, drawing closer, the numbers are expected to soar as long as the leagues can remain open for business.

In August of 2019, a total of $744,065,765 was legally wagered in the United States and $61,762,233 in revenue was hauled in as a result. But industry experts are nearly unanimous in declaring that this August will dwarf last year’s take, not to mention what the offshore books will do as well.

But few believe the take this month will beat the record-breaking month of November 2019, when U.S. sportsbooks handled over $1.8 billion, due to the fact there is no preseason football. “It’s a reach,” opined ESPN gambling writer David Purdum when asked by US Bets whether the month that starts Saturday can break the November ’19 record, “especially without preseason football, which accounts for more than most would believe. Last August, around 25% of the total handle bet in Nevada sportsbooks was attributed to football wagers. The NBA will probably make up for the lack of football, but even then, eclipsing a regular-season football month seems unlikely.”

As Purdum noted, the NBA and NHL are both playing in August which is a first for both leagues and will only add to what should be a robust betting handle this month. SportsHandle Editor-in-Chief, Brett Smiley, echoed Purdum’s sentiments regarding his skepticism of a record handle in August of 2020, “There are so many moving parts here, including players going in and out of quarantine. Over/under on games played for any of these leagues, I mean, who knows? We’re in completely uncharted territory here and there’s too many unknowns in the equation. I think people may watch in record numbers, but hopefully people who have taken a serious economic hit — and that’s an awful lot of Americans — are not using limited resources to gamble on sports. Betting 10 bucks is fine, but that doesn’t impact handle much.”

Purdum referenced the uncertain economic times and the looming election as another hurdle to climb for a record-breaking month, “The U.S. betting market is expanding and growing. We have more visibility than ever at how much is being wagered, which may lead to some record-setting numbers in some states. Records seem to be set routinely these days. But, to me, the pandemic, the pending election, and uncertainty surrounding the economy and sports in general will, at some point, have a negative impact on the betting market.”

Whatever happens this month, one thing we do know is that Americans have a growing passion for the action. Sports betting is now mainstream and records will be routinely shattered for several years to come as more states enter the fray and become beneficiaries of all that additional tax revenue. Legalized sports betting in the USA has been a long time coming but at long last, we’re glad it’s arrived.

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