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Finland’s Veikkaus OY Seeks New Sports Betting Chief Following Departure of Sami Kauhanen



Finland’s Veikkaus OY Seeks New Sports Betting Chief Following Departure of Sami Kauhanen


The national gambling monopoly in Finland, which goes by the name of Veikkaus OY, is seeking out a new sports betting chief following the departure of Vice President of Wagering Sami Kauhanen. After his long-term stint in that position, Kauhanen opted to leave the organisation so as to lead the Finnish horse racing scene.

It was earlier on in June that Suomen Hippos, which operates as the country’s horse racing and stud breeding association, announced the appointment of Kauhanen as inbound President and CEO. This appointment will become effective as of September 1, 2020, and the association listed his credentials that make him the optimal candidate for the position. Having been a key stakeholder in Veikkaus OY’s wagering enlargement throughout 2017, Kauhanen saw the organisation absorb the assets of the former state-owned racing operator Fintoto.

Kauhanen remained in the senior executive role with Veikkaus for 10 years, and has led all sorts of sports betting related divisions, as well as helped to launch a variety of products for Finland’s gambling scene. Additionally, Hippos highlighted the fact that Kauhanen has professional horse racing instructor experience, which has seen him secure 2,700 track starts in his career.

Hippos Gains a Treasure While Veikkaus Seeks Out Another

It’s true to say that Kauhanen has a passion for horse racing and all things equestrian, which he said has “been an integral part of my life”. And while a couple of months still remain until his appointment with Hippos begins, he looks forward to getting involved in “this great field and sport again”. Kauhanen spoke of the future offering “many challenges”, but also a lot of opportunities alongside.

Following Veikkaus’s takeover of Fintoto and Ray (which relates to slot gaming and arcades), government agencies will be undertaking a review of the organisation. A selection of trusted betting sites in Finland are already operational, although there still remains a monopoly on gambling within Finland in general. Of course, Kauhanen won’t be around in his former position for the government review, as he will be taking leadership of the Finnish horse racing sector.

Speaking of the overall gambling industry, Kauhanen said that with the new situation in place since the merger of gaming companies, the industry “has had to get used to” it all. Adaptation has been necessary, but he said that he’s sure “that in the future the strong will of the racing people will help find a common goal, which we are willing to do our best for”.

It remans to be seen who will take over his former role as sports betting chief for Veikkaus. The organisation has had a lot to deal with lately, announcing earlier on in June that there will be a reduction in the overall slot machine capacity by more than was initially planned. It also made the announcement that its retail network will re-open this month, with online slots returning from July onwards. The reduction in the number of active slots falls in line with the governmental organisation’s new social responsibility strategy.


Slothino Casino Bestows Players With Their Gameplay With A Slow Gambling Approach



Photo by Aidan Howe on Unsplash

Wagering in gambling variants is fun when you have found a website worthy of playing in. In case you are still searching for an online casino, which encompasses the facets needed for wrapping players with an all-around gambling convenience, visit Slothino casino. The casino is catering to gambling enthusiasts from all across the world since its inception in September 2020. It is a fascinating place for new-age gamblers with its rich gambling game library, exciting promotional offers, and other offered services.

Besides, the gaming style it promotes is a bit different than most of the other online providers. Going contradictory to the fast-paced gaming services, which start and end briskly, Slothino casino advocates a slow gambling approach. You can utilize as much time as you want and gamble in a more relaxing manner.

We will now move forward with this article, enlightening every tool Slothino uses for bringing a great convenience level for the punters.

Slothino Offers Safe Environment for Casino Gambling

Providing a safe and secured sphere where players can indulge in gambling unperturbed is imperative for online casinos. Having a legitimate license from the reputable gambling regulatory authorities is the first step of that endeavor. The day this Malta-based online casino platform arrived, a German press release got published, showcasing the magnitude of excellence this new casino is eligible to proffer for online gambling lovers. Slothino is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority, one of the most widely recognized gambling regulatory authorities of the casino industry.

Furthermore, the casino is also practicing the latest security measures and industry-standard SSL encryption for safeguarding customers’ personal and financial information. Hence, you can transact all the required information with the casino being confident in data safety. All the casino payment methods apply their security measures while players transact through them, which means an additional security layer.

The casino also has a certificate from GambleAware, renowned for their initiatives to promote Responsible Gambling among the gamblers. Slothino’s business processes run adhering to the regulation of GambleAware.

Easy Registration Process

Although the sloth mascot will remind you about the convenience of wagering in games with a slow playing style, the casino knows when and how to speed things up. The registration process would take just a few moments and can be performed in a few simple steps, which are mentioned below:

  1. Go to Slothino’s website and select the ‘Register’ option to open an account.
  2. A registration form will appear on the screen to fill up, entering some required information, including date of birth, name, address, email, and phone number.
  3. Review all the details you have entered thoroughly and click to submit the form afterward.
  4. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email account containing an activation link.
  5. When you open the link, your account will get activated automatically.

After creating an account in Slothino casino, you will be eligible to deposit money, claim bonus offers, and wag in games. As the casino offers a mobile responsive site, you can indulge in gambling through your mobile phones anytime you want. Expectedly, the global online gambling market will continue its growth and reach over 92.9 billion U.S dollars in 2023. Evaluating the efficiency Slothino has, it is also anticipated that it will flourish notably during that time frame.

Banking Option

If you consider looking at every renowned online casino’s cashier page, you will notice plenty of financial transaction methods available side by side. Slothino’s cashier page seems quite similar to those casinos as well. From the plethora of banking options, you would easily find a promising one and quickly make the transactions. The casino’s banking section is packed with options like Skrill, Paysafecard, Trustly, Credit and Debit cards of Visa and Mastercard, etc.

Most of these banking options perform instant transactions when you deposit funds into your casino wallet. When it comes to withdrawing your winnings from the casino account, you may have to wait for 1 to 3 business days for the amount to be reflected on your bank balance. However, the time required for withdrawals can differ from each other, depending on your preferred option.

Wrapping Up

If you choose Slothino casino for your online wagering venture, every step you make will be wrapped up with the best possible level of convenience. From a wide selection of online gambling options from the renowned iGaming developers to a responsive customer support team, which can be accessed through three different mediums, Slothino stands for creating a convenient online sphere for the gambling enthusiasts.

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Why Are Slot Tournaments Super Exciting?




More and more people are taking part in slot tournaments. But what are they and why is there so much excitement about them?

What are slot tournaments?

Let’s start by seeing what slot tournaments are. Basically, a land-based or an online casino will make an announcement that they are organizing a slot machine tournament where each player will get a certain number of credits and a limited time during which they can play. Many players compete against each other and the person who, in the end, has the highest score is the winner.

How do they work?

To take part in a slot tournament, one has to register for it. Whether it’s in an online casino or a traditional establishment, there is usually an entry fee. How high the cost typically depends on the size of the competition but there are also tournaments that are free. The entry fee provides players with the credit necessary to play the game.

In terms of the tournament itself, players need to log into their online casino accounts or visit the casino where it’s taking place. They will then be given a set time of, for example, 15 minutes. Everyone plays at the exact same time and has the same time limit. The goal is to spin the reels as many times as possible in the given time in order to win a prize. Some games are won, others lost – just like when playing slots outside of a tournament. However, the number of credits a player has in the end, is what matters.

What can players win?

When it comes to prizes, it’s important to note that the winner of the tournament is not the only person getting rewarded. In most cases, more than one player gets a reward. The winner usually gets the bulk of the pot but other top players get a cut of it as well. However, the winner could also get the whole pot. This is why it’s important to check how the prizes are distributed before joining a tournament.

On the other hand, the prize is not always monetary. In certain cases, casinos award contestants with free spins, merchandise, and other interesting prizes. People interested in taking part in slot tournaments should familiarize themselves with how slot machines work before they sign up for a competition if they want to do well and win a valuable prize.

What types of slot tournaments are there?

Slot tournaments come in two forms, free and paid events. Both of these are available in brick-and-mortar and online casinos. The inclusion of the entry fee can influence the size of the prize pot as well as the gameplay.

For example, free slot tournaments are perfect for beginners as they don’t require players to risk any of their money. Casinos let players enter for free and provide them with a chance to win cash or some other prize. However, it should be noted players can’t win millions playing free tournaments. These tournaments usually offer smaller prizes such as free spins and other bonuses. Rookies use these opportunities to get better at the game before they invest their money and play in a buy-in tournament.

The other kind of slot tournament is the buy-in type. In order to compete, players need to pay an entry fee that will contribute to increasing the prize pool. These tournaments have different formats, such as scheduled competitions and sit-and-go ones that start as soon as all the open positions are filled.

There are also reloader tournaments that let players start all over, one-shot tournaments that feature various steps, and survivor tournaments that eliminate participants in stages.

Which strategies can be used?

While slot machines use Random Number Generators so that each and every outcome of the bet is pure luck, there are some strategies that can help players maximize their chances of winning.

For one, as there is a limited amount of time to clear the credit, players need to be as fast as they can possibly be. What is more, relying on the auto-spin feature might be the fastest approach here. Then, always playing for the maximum bet and betting on the maximum number of pay lines can lead to better payouts. Not worrying about individual winnings is crucial as they are not that significant – it’s the final result that matters. Finally, players cannot afford to be distracted while playing as just a few moments can make a huge difference when it comes to winning, which is why paying attention to the time and putting their phones away is vital.

Slot tournaments have many advantages such as spending a limited amount of money and having higher chances of winning, which is why many people are deciding to try their hand at this competition. If you think you might do well, why not join an upcoming one?


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Free Bets the Most Common Bonus Type for UK Betting Operators



Free Bets the Most Common Bonus Type for UK Betting Operators


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of bonus types at UK betting operators. You only have to look at some of the best betting bonus websites such as, to see the tremendous selection of different bonus types for British online gamblers.

One of the most common bonus types for betting operators in the United Kingdom is the free bet. You will find this available at many of the leading online bookmakers, such as 888Sport, BetFred, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, BoyleSports, Condor gaming group and BetVictor. Many of the more recent additions to the online sports betting world have also chosen to offer a free bet to new customers, including Interbet, Karamba, RedZoneSports, Sportnation, and RubyBet.

With that in mind, exactly how does a free bet offer work?

Free bets tend to be set at a specific value, such as £10 or £20. in some cases, you can find a free bet offer up to the value of £50, which is a great deal. It is worth noting free bet offers are usually for new customers only but with a huge number of online bookmakers available looking to capitalise on the uncertain future given the events of 2020, you will always find a new one to join that has a free bet offer. In fact, every year we see the introduction of new online sports betting websites.

To claim a free bet at most online bookmakers, you first need to create a new account and add your details. You may even be asked to provide some form of identification to prove you are old enough to have a betting account. Having completed those steps, you must add a valid payment method to your account and make a deposit. Using the funds you have deposited into your account, you can place a bet on a sporting event and it is the act of placing this bet that will usually trigger the free bet.

Depending on the specific details of the free bet offer, you may need to place a bet over specified odds, such as evens. The only reason for this is to prevent people from backing a heavy favourite, winning the bet, and also claiming the free bet. If every bookmaker allowed new members to place a bet on any odds they wish to claim a free bet, they would not be in business long.

So, if you already have a bet in mind that exceeds the odds required to claim the free bet, you will essentially double the amount you have to bet at the bookmaker. However, it is worth keeping in mind you will not be granted the free bet until the original bet has cleared. This is common practice and you will find the same applies to all betting brands.

Once you have completed the easy to follow steps above, you will find the free bet awarded to your account. This will sometimes be in one lump sum or split across a few smaller free bets, such as four £5 free bets, making a total of £20.

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