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Esports Entertainment Group Signs Affiliate Marketing Agreement with GOLeague, An International Esports League and Community



Esports Entertainment Group Signs Affiliate Marketing Agreement with GOLeague, An International Esports League and Community


Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. (GMBL: OTCQB) (or the “Company”), a licensed online gambling company with a specific focus on esports wagering and 18+ gaming, is pleased to announce the signing of an Affiliate Marketing Agreement with GOLeague Int. Gaming, a multilingual esports league and community for the games Counter-Strike: Go (CSGO), PubG and League of Legends.  As one of the largest CSGO leagues in Germany, this agreement is another milestone for, the world’s first and most transparent esports betting exchange.

Founded in 2017, with the specific goal of supporting and developing esports throughout Europe, GOLeague is the first public league for every skill group in CSGO and League of Legends, attracting 11,000 visitors per day.  The total prize money for their upcoming season has been set at €10,000. As a result of this Agreement, the Company expects to add approximately 350 CSGO matches per month to for GOLeague users to wager.

GOLeague is working with on an exclusive basis for the following reasons:

1.  The P2P model is much more attractive because an esports fan always wins, as opposed to a “house” model where odds are heavily stacked against fans.

2. is the first and most transparent esports bet exchange as a result of Esports Entertainment Group being a fully reporting SEC issuer in the United States.

3.  Player safety features built into create a fun but responsible esports betting experience for fans. For example, players must choose their maximum bet amounts when they initially sign up with Any subsequent increase to those levels requires a 30 day cooling off period to make sure players do not get carried away.

4.  The recent addition of pool betting is a further extension of the P2P model, which allows groups of opposing fans to wager against each other when their teams go head to head.

5.  Given the fact some esports fans bet on esports, GOLeague users will be provided with a safe platform that also supports the organization.

GOLeague stated, “In contrast to other German leagues, we are the only one who uses their own anti-cheat system and uses it successfully. We therefore also want to give our users the opportunity to bet on GOLeague matches, as well as, Major League matches with the upcoming season. This will be realized via the start page, an extra page with a sorted listing and under each single match link. For the implementation, we need a strong partner with the necessary licenses and age controls to successfully integrate this product. We are happy to say we found the right partner in VIE.  It is important for our users to know that affiliate revenue from GOLeague matches will be passed on to the teams. We therefore hope for a good and long-term partnership.”

Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports at Esports Entertainment Group, stated, “This agreement with GOLeague is a big step forward for VIE, as it will add hundreds of additional matches per month to our pools. GOLeague is a true supporter of esports in Europe and we are excited about building a long-term future together.”


ABOUT VIE.GG: offers bet exchange style wagering on esports events in a licensed, regulated and secured platform to the global esports audience, excluding jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling. features wagering on the following esports games:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Hearthstone
  • StarCraft II has announced affiliate marketing partnerships with 190 esports teams and 3 leagues from around the world and expects that number to increase in 2019.


About Esports Entertainment Group:

Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. is a licensed online gambling company with a specific focus on esports wagering and 18+ gaming. Esports Entertainment offers bet exchange style wagering on esports events in a licensed, regulated and secure platform to the global esports audience at  In addition, Esports Entertainment intends to offer users from around the world the ability to participate in multi-player mobile and PC video game tournaments for cash prizes. Esports Entertainment is led by a team of industry professionals and technical experts from the online gambling and the video game industries, and esports. The Company holds licenses to conduct online gambling and 18+ gaming on a global basis in Curacao, Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Company maintains offices in Malta, Curacao and Warsaw, Poland. Esports Entertainment common stock is listed on the OTCQB under the symbol GMBL.  For more information visit

The information contained herein includes forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future events or to our future financial performance, and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements to be materially different from any future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements since they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which are, in some cases, beyond our control and which could, and likely will, materially affect actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. Any forward-looking statement reflects our current views with respect to future events and is subject to these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions relating to our operations, results of operations, growth strategy and liquidity. We assume no obligation to publicly update or revise these forward-looking statements for any reason, or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future. The safe harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 protects companies from liability for their forward-looking statements if they comply with the requirements of the Act.



5 Best Online Bingo Affiliate Programs



5 Best Online Bingo Affiliate Programs


Bingo affiliate programs are the talk of the town these days.

They are so popular because they offer good profits.

There are thousands of good online bingo sites that are paying attractive commissions to affiliates for getting new players.

As a bingo affiliate, you can earn a good sum of money. All you need to start is a bingo-related blog or website with decent traffic and a bingo affiliate program that offers a good revenue cut.

This article shows you five of the best bingo affiliate programs. Choose one today and start earning money.

How a Bingo Affiliate Program Works

A bingo affiliate program works like any other affiliate program.

  1. You join an affiliate program from a brand.
  2. You send traffic to the brand website.
  3. You get paid for the players you send them.

As a bingo affiliate, you receive a net revenue share of the monthly revenue generated by the players you send to the brand.

For example, if the players you send generate a net revenue worth $10,000 and your promised revenue share is 25%, you’ll receive $2,500 at the end of the month.

The most beautiful thing about bingo affiliate programs is that the reward plans usually contain multiple levels and each level offers better commission.

Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate programs.

888 Affiliates offers a remarkable bingo affiliate program. It’s an easy sell, and it offers a good revenue cut. is a famous name around the world. It offers world-class online casino, bingo, poker, and sports betting services.

Commission: 25% to 35% gross revenue share

Main Market: The UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, and worldwide

Main Brands: 888 Casino, 888 Bingo, 888 Poker, and 888 Sports

Why Join the 888 Affiliate Program

  • High conversion rate
  • Timely payments
  • Dedicated account managers
  • High-quality marketing material
  • Customized commission structure

Betfred Affiliates

Betfred is the UK’s largest independent bookmaker. It offers a fantastic bingo affiliate program that provides attractive commissions.

You can choose to promote Betfred’s services using several methods. You can use email marketing, pay per click, review blog/website, and social media.

Commission: 25% to 40% gross revenue share

Main Market: The UK, Spain, and Italy

It Offers: Sports betting, online casino, bingo, lotto, online poker, and virtual sports

Why Join the Betfred Affiliate Program

  • Accurate tracking platform
  • Dedicated affiliate management
  • In-depth analysis on campaigns
  • Payments are made on time

Party Bingo Affiliates

Party Bingo is a popular online bingo brand. It offers some of the most entertaining bingo games. People love to get online and play different bingo games.

You can provide Party Bingo’s offers to your site visitors and earn attractive commissions.

Commission: 25% to 35% gross revenue share

Main Market: The UK, Spain, and Italy

Main Brands: Party Bingo, Party Casino, and Party Poker

Why Join the Party Bingo Affiliate Program

  • Good conversion rate
  • Attractive revenue cuts
  • Extensive affiliate help and support
  • Marketing assistance provided

William Hill Affiliate Program

William Hill offers a good affiliate program with decent profits.

The program is free to join. And since William Hill is a popular brand, people trust it for its games and offers. It means you can easily sell William Hill’s offers.

Commission: Flat 15% gross revenue share (customized commission rates available for star performers)

Main Market: The UK, Spain, and Italy

It Offers: Bingo, casino, sports betting, poker, and online games

Why Join the William Hill Affiliate Program

  • Customized commission plans for star performers
  • Dedicated help and support
  • Attractive marketing material

Kindred Affiliate Program

Kindred Affiliates is an award-winning affiliate program. You get access to 10 of the huge gaming and betting brands through this affiliate program.

It won the Affiliate Program of the Year Award at the EGR Operator Awards 2019.

Kindred is officially licensed in Malta, the UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Estonia, and Romania

Commission: 25 to 35% gross revenue share

Main Market: The UK, Europe, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, and worldwide

Main Brands: Unibet, Otto Kasino, 32 Red, Maria Casino,, Storspiller/Storspelare, Casino House, Vlad Cazino, and Kolikkopelit

Why Join the Kindred Affiliate Program

  • Award-winning affiliate program
  • Flexible commission including commission boosters
  • Multi-lingual support for affiliates
  • Local affiliate managers

So, which bingo affiliate program are you going to join?

Being an online bingo affiliate offers many advantages. You get a handsome amount of commission every month. It’s a great source of passive income. If you’ve always been looking for a stable income source, become an online bingo affiliate today. Good luck.


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Advertising gambling in Italy: how the dignity decree has affected online casinos



Advertising gambling in Italy: how the dignity decree has affected online casinos


One of the oldest pastimes, the fine sport of gambling, is at risk with strict new laws taking effect in countries like Italy, with the government’s 2018 implementation of the Dignity Decree that directly affects advertising gambling in Italy.

The creation of the Dignity Decree placed a strict ban on gambling-related companies from advertising, providing sponsorship, the marketing of gaming services & products, and all promos related to gambling including on billboards as well as online.

Talk about a challenge for gaming companies operating in Italy, this decree hits advertisers and sponsors hard but also sponsees, such as with soccer clubs are losing huge amounts in potential sponsorships from online gambling companies.

What is the Italian gambling dignity decree?

The Italian Gambling Dignity Decree would be approved and implemented in 2018 drastically changing the way in which gambling-related companies would be able to advertise within Italy. The general gist of the decree prevents direct and indirect gambling related advertising such as  commercial ads, billboards, and sponsorships either in print form or online including social media platforms. A financial nuisance and major obstacle for the surge of online gambling companies that have recently hit the online space in Italy.

The purpose of the Italian Gambling Dignity Decree, which was ushered in by Italy’s Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (AGCOM), was to establish a layer of control and protection for Italian citizens reducing exposure to gambling opportunities and therefore preventing a potential rise in gambling addiction.

Another key component of the Decree was the new layer of player protection being provided. In just the last year alone due to COVID-19 and mandatory stay-at-home orders imposed throughout Italy there has been a steep rise in the number of online gamblers with a diverse background counting young professionals and elderly amongst the spectrum of players.

The caveat of the dignity decree is the ability for companies to advertise if promoting and pushing messages surrounding responsible gambling and legal gambling products and services, however even during these promotional campaigns gambling companies are still not permitted to use their logo or branding.

The country’s gambling advertising ban on sports

The Italian gambling Dignity Decree has had an immediate and direct effect on sports in Italy from the Olympics all the way to A series sports clubs. As most of Italy’s sports clubs work with betting companies through sponsorship support the loss in ability to advertise alongside them is leaving clubs at a financial disadvantage.

Post COVID and a year-long shutdown the sporting industry including football clubs have had to aggressively rally to find new business solutions pressing them to demand from the Italian government a suspension of the Decree.

Getting new clients with the Italian gambling advertising ban

The question you’re probably asking yourself is the same question every gambling company operating in Italy once asked: So then how do we acquire new clients if we aren’t permitted to advertise?

Let’s see the possibilities a company has with the advertising ban:

What’s banned by the Italian gambling Dignity Decree

As we mentioned above, the Italian gambling Dignity Decree limits the possibilities of advertising gambling in Italy.

To protect Italian players it prevents both, direct and indirect gambling related print and online advertising including commercials, sponsorships and billboards.

Advertising gambling in Italy: what’s still possible?

Despite Italy’s Anti-gambling 5Star movement and the current administration’s support of the Decree there have been countless pleas from the business, sports and gambling-related sector to suspend the Decree.

The holy grail of workarounds for gambling companies is the popular online practice of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing occurs when online companies pay websites to mention and link their company.

The advertisement in this marketing tactic involves text and links (SEO) as opposed to flashy advertisements oftentimes found on the side of articles we read, or our Facebook feeds, or even the advertisements when we Google search.

Casino comparison sites in Italy

Affiliate marketing in Italy is essential for online gambling companies to be able to reach potential new players while respecting the italian gambling advertising ban.

The necessity of affiliate marketing for advertising gambling in Italy has then created the need for casino comparison sites such as ProCasino, where players can find all the casinos related information in one place and can pick the one that best fit their needs.

These casino comparison sites are flooding the online space, with new sites operating and catering to gambling-related companies in need of affiliate marketing. These sites tend to create a spreadsheet of comparisons including the gambling company’s welcome deposit bonuses, fee amounts, payout times and a number of other key information a player may be interested in learning.

A popular new section being added to comparison sites includes the deposit and payout options as gambling-related companies are finding Millennial and Gen Z users in particular looking more and more to use cryptocurrencies when playing.


In conclusion, we can say that the Italian gambling Dignity Decree, as much as it is making advertising gambling in Italy through common practices almost impossible, it has also proved its effectiveness in protecting players.

Furthermore, the Italian gambling advertising ban is permitting the growth of casino comparison sites that provide updated information on various providers. Each user can then compare all the platforms, evaluate which one best fits his knowledge, possibilities and needs.


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The Ins and Outs of Online Gambling in India: Laws and Legislation Explained



Needless to say, the online gambling industry has dominated the world by storm. In a nutshell, gaming industries from across the globe are thriving. In particular, the Indian market has experienced significant growth throughout the last couple of years. More and more players are trying their hand out at casino games and just in general experience what the gambling world has to offer.

Whether they’re raising their stakes at floating casinos in India, abroad or online, Indian players have expressed a keen interest in gambling. This is illustrated in some stats and figures; by the end of 2020, the Indian market generated over 90 billion in Indian Rupees.

Whilst all this sounds great, there is one issue that India has been dealing with for years. Even though we are living in 2021, Indian lawmakers still abide by ancient gambling laws, some of which are over 154 years old! So, what does this mean for players and casino operators?

An Insight into India’s Gambling Laws


With reference to the Indian Constitution, it is stated that all forms of gambling are regulated at state level. In other words, this mean that each Indian state has its own laws and legislations when it comes to gambling, particularly when it comes to online casino games. Needless to say, players and operators aren’t happy about this since it’s severely impacting the industry.

This all boils down to one thing. As mentioned in earlier sections of this post, India remains stuck in the past as far as gambling rules are concerned. A prime example of this is the Public Gaming Act of 1867. This 134 legislative document was published during the British role. Evidently, such documents don’t make sense now that most of us have witnessed the advent of the internet and the continuous developments made in the technological field.

But alas, Indian lawmakers beg to differ. Let’s take a look at some statements in the Public Gaming Act of 1867. For starters, the operation of Indian casinos is strictly prohibited. So, is the assisting and visiting of these venues. On top of that, financial gambling, devices and anything remotely related to gambling is also forbidden. In fact, you can face a ₹200 fine or even face up to 3 months in prison.

The Act also defines gambling into two separate categories – Games of Chance and Games of Skill. The problem with this lies here – one cannot completely class a casino game as a Game of Skill or Chance. This is because certain games have hints of both skill and chance.

At the time of writing, India has identified only 13 card games as games of skill, including rummy and poker. As far as online betting goes, horse racing and cricket betting also fall under this category. Without a doubt, lots of reforms are in order if lawmakers want to see the industry really thrive in the years to come.

The Problem with Online Gambling


All this brings us to the main topic of this discussion – online gambling in India. Evidently, there is a dire need for more sensible laws to be imposed. Since lawmakers are still adamant to stick to incredibly archaic laws, this is causing a lot of problems for casino operators who want to set up shop in India.

What’s even more surprising is that all these acts and laws don’t even given an appropriate definition to what online gambling is. As of now, only states like Nagaland, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have chosen to update their anti-gambling policies. On top of that, they have also stated where they stand with online gambling. So far, it’s not good news.


Very recently, the state of Andhra Pradesh published its Gaming Ordinance. Initially, casino operators thought this would benefit them, but once again they couldn’t be more wrong. In other words, if you’re an operator, you can rule out the possibility of having online casinos set up in this state for the time being. On top of that, the ordinance has also issued a ban on all online games including games of skill. Of course, casino operators aren’t very happy about this and rightly so. In fact, they plan on appealing this at the Supreme Court.

That said, there is some good news to report here. As of now, the Supreme Court of Andhra Pradesh has stated that games of skill aren’t really linked to gambling and operators who offer these services are allowed to do us under the Indian Constitution.

Still, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for casino operators who want to offer casino games and services in the country. In fact, operators have had to deal with more acts such as the Information Technology Act of 2000. Given that it’s all about gambling one would think that the government is actually thinking about adequate solutions that would make both parties happy.

But alas, we’re back in square one. This act caused more harm than good as the blocking servers restricted operators from offering their services to Indian players. What’s more, we also have yet another example where no appropriate definition is given to online gambling. Let’s face it, the world is living and breathing gambling at this point. After all the industry is worth billions nowadays – so how can one not explain what online gambling is? The mind boggles.

We understand that lawmakers want to curb the rise of unregulated gambling from dodgy casinos, however, sticking to ancient laws will cause more problems in the long run.


Players Can Still Enjoy the Online Casino World


That said, there is a silver lining. Whilst operators still have to long road ahead of them, players can still enjoy their time online. In fact, you’ll find lots of reputable providers listed on Given that this is an affiliate partner, the games and bonuses are obviously not offered by them. Instead, you are offered trusted offshore casino partners that are legally allowed to offer their services to Indian players.

As you can see, things aren’t so bad for players. That said, there are still some regulations you should keep in mind. Whilst you are required by law to choose an offshore licensed platform, it’s still your safest bet. In this way, you can avoid getting scammed by dodgy providers that still manage to slip through the cracks even though the situation is heavily regulated. Trust us when we say that rogue casinos offer rigged games and you’ll probably never get your winnings. In other words, avoid at all costs.

You can sign up to platforms that clearly state that they are licensed by reputable gaming bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority.

One also has to keep in mind the legal gambling age. In this case, it’s generally 18 and over. However, some online casinos will require to be over 21 years of age. So, make sure you read all the Terms and Conditions carefully when you track down your desired provider. Finally, you can also join an offshore casino if it is Rupee-friendly. You can also avail from alternatives that allow conversions.

The Benefits of Legalizing Online Casinos


At this point, it’s fair to say that Indian gambling laws are all over the place. We can only hope that the situation changes over time. At the end of the day, the market and India in general can benefit from the legalizing and regulation of online casinos.

Whilst we acknowledge that there is a problem with unregulated gambling, the right regulations can mark a significant change in the way things are carried out in the country. Strict laws that don’t make sense will not solve anything; on the contrary, these will cause of more uproars by casino operators and in general more confusion. Simply put, the country needs to stick to one legislation that is able to fully regulate and license games of skill. The laws in place can then be supported by further regulations created by gaming bodies.

Given that Indian players are allowed to sign up to offshore platforms, lawmakers should consider making it official in India. In this way, India will get more recognition, whilst players can get a taste of the best online casino games, bonuses and more. Above everything else, they’ll still be signing up to safe and secure platforms that do things by the book.

Of course, a complete reform is needed when it comes to online gambling. That said, some progress has been made. For example, in states like Maharashtra, casino operators and lawmakers are constantly in talks with regard to how they can legalize and regulate online gambling. At this point, nothing is confirmed, but it’s a start.

In the long run, we really think that India can benefit form a regulated market. In fact, some statistics suggest that the country is losing over $140 million per year due to unregulated gambling. This can be solved if both casino operators and lawmakers can come to an agreement on how to offer a licensed and regulated market.

At the time of writing, the growth behind India’s online gambling market is driven by the middle class and the continuous development of the internet and advanced technologies. With a 50% penetration rate, there are 560 million internet users in the country. Needless to say, this is great considering India is in second place after China.

All we’ll say is don’t understatement the Indian market even though it’s one of the smaller ones. Clearly, it’s making it’s mark on the world and it’s very obvious that casino operators and players are keen. Keep in mind that this is something that wasn’t available in the past. Of course, lifestyles became more comfortable over the years. This also meant that people started expressing an interest in different things – online casino is one of them.

Legalizing online casinos will also offer more jobs. Without a doubt, this would be extremely beneficial to India since the country can compete within this competitive market. This can open more doors to more start-up businesses within the e-Commerce and iGaming sectors. On top of that, the Indian economy will also benefit from all this. Other job opportunities can also crop up if this is done properly. Some of these include employment within software development companies and online payments.

At the end of the day, a regulated market will not only put lawmakers’ minds at rest, but it also creates a safe space for players and operators who just want to do things by the book. This can be achieved if one carries out regular audits of casino operators that have been approved and regulated by the government.

This is the only way that the situation can be monitored and one is able to distinguish a good casino from a bad one.

Without a doubt, the interest in the online gambling world won’t be dying away any time soon. So let’s hope Indian lawmakers can get on board with more adequate regulations that make sense in this day and age.


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