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Hitting for six



Hitting for six-cricket
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Tom Wardman, Business Development Executive at Independent Content Services, offers affiliates advice about how to use content to drive engagement during the Cricket World Cup


The Cricket World Cup got underway last week and is expected to attract a global audience in the billions between now and its conclusion in the middle of July.

For online sportsbook operators, it is a huge opportunity to engage new punters while re-engaging existing customers with generous promotions and a great range of odds and markets.

Indeed, it has been reported that 34% of tickets purchased for the tournament have been done so by people who have never attended a cricket match before.

This presents tremendous upsides for affiliates who can use their skills as content creators to engage new cricket fans and push them towards the sportsbooks they are partnered with.

But to succeed, affiliates must put in place a clear plan of action and a detailed strategy to be sure they are targeting the right audience with the right content.

Let’s consider the audience that affiliates should be targeting during the Cricket World Cup.

The tournament has a global audience but is particularly big in India, where the sport is a national obsession. But with online sports betting largely illegal, affiliates must focus elsewhere.

This means tailoring content to meet the needs and expectations of fans and bettors in markets such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where online betting is more widely available.

The good news for affiliates is that English is the standard language in these countries, so translation is not so much of a concern for content created around the tournament.

But what sort of content should affiliates be creating, and how can they use content to ensure that punters signed-up during the World Cup continue to engage with their sites afterwards?

It is important for affiliates to understand that they are not just competing with other affiliates, but also the major sports media brands, some of whom also offer sports betting.

Content must therefore go beyond general news stories and include things like match previews and reviews, player analysis, interviews, stats and data.

More feature-based pieces are also popular, including top tens (scores, best LBWs, comebacks, etc) as well as input from pundits and former players.

While most of this content will take the written form, affiliates should also create and publish audio and video content as this can unlock even higher levels of engagement. These are particularly good to share on social media.

Take audio, for example. Affiliates can partner with content providers to offer live, ball-by-ball match commentaries that their readers can listen to.

This allows readers and potential punters to stay engaged with the tournament if they are unable to attend in person or watch it on TV.

Broadcasts can also be tailored to individual affiliates to include calls to action that encourage listeners to sign up with particular sports betting brands.

For example, “England are now 2/1 to beat Pakistan. Sign up now at Sportsbook Operator A and receive a free bet.”

In addition to radio, affiliates can provide audio blast score updates, analysis bulletins and even podcasts. All of this can be done very cost-effectively.

It is really about helping the audience remain engaged with the Cricket World Cup via the affiliate site wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

They may not bet all of the time, but with regular calls to action built into audio content, when they are ready to sign-up to a sportsbook and bet, they are more likely to do so via the affiliate.

Affiliates wanting to offer something truly exciting should also plan for video content as this allows them to leverage the phenomenon of second screening and also the power of social media.

Content providers such as ICS offer cost-effective video in the form of match previews and reviews, video blasts and score updates, plus Gillette Soccer Saturday style shows.

Again, this content can be tailored to individual affiliates and include bespoke calls to action that drive viewers back to their sites and to the sportsbook brands they work with.

The other great thing about video content is that it is sharable across social media, and delivers high levels of engagement. This in turn drives brand awareness among new audiences.

Of course, the real challenge for affiliates is ensuring any new players remain engaged after the Cricket World Cup – this is often easier said than done.

But content is a powerful retention tool. Once the tournament is over, affiliates should put together a content plan for the Indian Premier League and the Big Bash League as well as the Ashes.

The key thing to remember here is that 50-over cricket is different to 20-over or Test cricket, and you can’t always assume there is a mutual interest.

But so long as the quality and variety of the content is on point, and ensures that players remain connected to the affiliate’s brand, there are plenty of opportunities for retention.

The Cricket World Cup is one of the largest sports tournaments in the world, and smart affiliates that prioritise content will be hitting for six now and throughout the year.

Affiliate Success

3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Casino Affiliate Business



3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Casino Affiliate Business


There can be no question that the online casino business is flying right now. It seems that nothing can stop the rapid rise of this exciting industry!

Individuals across the globe are looking to get in on the action, creating gambling affiliate websites to tap into the lucrative wealth that the industry can provide.

Although seriously competitive and ever-changing, the affiliate biz is an exciting one that brings endless possibilities. Whether you are looking to strike out as a review and information portal such as, or prefer something slightly different, the affiliate industry can be truly exciting.

In this article, we will take a look at 3 things to consider before starting a new casino affiliate business. From research to the importance of tech, we will cover it all.

Let’s get going with the foundation of any career in the affiliate industry.

Know your stuff: The importance of research

If you are serious about launching a new casino affiliate business, you’re really going to have to know your stuff.

Online gambling is a lucrative yet complex world, packed with variables and jargon and more that can leave newcomers bewildered. If you are looking to launch a new casino affiliate business, you will need to research the industry heavily. Of course, the best way to do this is to play some casino games yourself! Sign up to a few different sites and get playing, practice makes perfect after all!

You will need a strong grasp of modern technology

If you are serious about starting a new casino affiliate business, understanding the tech behind the industry is also key. You will save plenty of money when building your website if you can learn basic HTML, not to mention you will gain total creative control of your project. After all, this is your project!

When you know HTML, you can constantly revamp and polish your site to keep things fresh for new players. Image is extremely popular in the new casino affiliate business and so you should not underestimate this aspect.

Another key tech to understand is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In fact, this is more a type of marketing than anything else, which functions by using keywords, interlinking and meta titles to ensure that a given site finishes as high up as can be in search engine results. If it sounds simple, then that’s because it is, at least on the surface. There is no end to the ways you can manipulate SEO to ensure that your new casino affiliate business gets plenty of airtime.

Consider using gambling affiliate programs

If you are still interested in starting a new casino affiliate business, well done! One of the best ways to do so is to join a program, which removes plenty of the burden on you at first.

Basically, these programs show new casino affiliate businesses how to drive traffic to their site, thereby getting your foot in the door of what can be a seriously tough industry to break into. You should really consider joining a program if you feel that your site is not getting the coverage you desire.

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Affiliate Success

The Digital Marketing Mixer delights with SEO MasterClass and a Mad Hatter Themed Summer Networking Party



The Digital Marketing Mixer delights with SEO MasterClass and a Mad Hatter Themed Summer Networking Party


The 3rd iteration of the Digital Marketing Mixer  a FREE business networking event will kick off the British Summer Bank Holiday weekend in style. Guests will enjoy a Mad Hatter Summer Themed, virtual Tea Party on Friday the 28th August between 4-6pm (GMT) via live Zoom.

The virtual networking event, hosted by AffiliateINSIDER CEO and affiliate industry veteran, Lee-Ann Johnstone – is designed to help connect suppliers , brands, agencies and affiliates together virtually to kick start new commercial conversations whilst physical conferences are delayed.

Join the party – Learn the latest SEO Insight and enjoy the show!

“The Digital Marketing Mixer is about making new personal connections virtually in a structured setting. This month we are privileged to also have visiting lecturer Matthew Hughes from the Arts University of Bournemouth (AUB) in the United Kingdom, which offers leading digital media courses. Matthew will be giving an exclusive SEO Masterclass – which shouldn’t be missed!”  mentions Johnstone.

The event offers hosted speed networking sessions where a variety of industry topics are discussed in groups along with fun ice breaker games (with great prizes to be won) and themed entertainment. The Mad Hatter Tea Party will also offer guests a mind boggling display of “Alice in Wonderland” style visual trickery delivered live by Canadian entertainer and magician, Ray Anderson.

The focus of this event will bring digital and affiliate marketing businesses together to start new commercial discussions.

Sarafina Wolde Gabrielle, VP of strategy at Income Access, a Paysafe Company, said The Digital Marketing Mixer offers affiliates, suppliers and operators  a chance to connect in-person and enjoy a fun, short and structured virtual networking session” , whilst Lloyd Richman, the founder of iBet Directory said:  “The Digital Marketing Mixer offers guests a great opportunity to make new contacts and gain an inside view on current changes taking place in our industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses, publishers, agencies and operator brands to come together and get new business done!” 


RSVP FOR FREE and enjoy the next Digital Marketing Mixer HERE

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Affiliate Announcements

Digital Marketing Mixer to be hosted for second iteration of FREE business networking on 30th June



Digital Marketing Mixer to be hosted for second iteration of FREE business networking on 30th June



Last month saw the launch of the first Digital Marketing Mixer, a FREE business networking event created by Lee-Ann Johnstone which hosted over 150+ iGaming and Affiliate Marketing professionals in attendance.

The event which received outstanding delegate reviews, will be hosted again on Monday 30th June between 4-6pm (BST) via Zoom. The aim of the speed networking event is to bring together affiliates and digital marketers, technology providers , agencies, experts and marketing service providers together to promote their services virtually.

With limits on travel and attendance at physical events still in play opportunities to network for new business have been limited. That combined with increased remote working has had a natural impact on business development slowing in the short term.

The Digital Marketing Mixer has been created as an open platform for professional social networking to take place in a structured but relaxed virtual atmosphere. The event has been created to support new business and continued lead generation for all businesses operating in the Affiliate industry.

Lee-Ann Johnstone, the event host commented: “The Digital Marketing Mixer is a key event for digital and affiliate marketing businesses to get better connected during this uncertain time. The objective is simple, bring people together to talk, to collaborate and ensure new business and service opportunities continue to thrive. I’ve created this FREE networking event for EVERYONE to benefit from in the affiliate industry to help get new business deals done.”

The mixer remains 100% FREE for delegates to attend and is open to any vertical. Once again the event is held in collaboration with founding collaborators, iBet Directory, and AffiliateINSIDER collaborating to deliver this event.

“The toughest part of the conference experience to replicate online was always going to be those oh-so-important conversations in the bar. I was delighted to find myself in just such conversations at the Digital Marketing Mixer – top marks! “  said Sue Dawson from who attended last month’s inaugural event. 

The Digital Marketing Mixer will offer a host of  fun networking games, speed selling challenges and enable delegates to enjoy discussing the latest industry trends whilst providing a platform to market their goods and services. The focus of this event remains on getting digital and affiliate marketing professionals quickly connected, getting new deals – done!

Lloyd Richman, founder of iBet Directory commented: The Digital Marketing Mixer Party is a great concept and offers all delegates the option to contribute unlike other webinars and conferences. It had a good mixture of natural event speakers, experienced iGaming professionals and new people to the industry. A great event which was highly successful.

If you are an agency, affiliate, consultant, operator, digital marketer, payment provider or saas product owner, everyone working with or in the affiliate industry is welcome to attend.

RSVP FOR FREE and join the Digital Marketing MixerHERE

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