Betting Gods – Tipster Affiliate Program


The Betting Gods affiliate program is quite unique and give you the chance to promote a FREE product and still make money over the long term. That’s right! No Sports Betting Affiliate Program is going to give you this offer.

This is a GREAT way to promote Betting Gods without having to do much selling and without annoying your leads with yet another paid product.

It’s really simple, since you might pick up a few sales of a particular tipster but those leads may then join a free 10 day trial. If they then join a service after trialling you will continue to pick up sales. And obviously, commissions will be paid on all recurring subscription payments for months and years to come.


Revenue Share

The Betting Gods Affiliate Program is based on Clickbank, so you need to open a Clickbank account in order to receive your revenues.

As an affiliate of Betting Gods, you will earn 50% commissions on any sale you generate from any leads you send their way. Whether you promote one of the tipster directly or promote their free newsletter you will see a surge of sales hitting your Clickbank account.

Affiliate Manager Contacts

Darren Moore

Affiliate Manager


contact keith

Lewis Cole

Affiliate Manager


contact keith

Affiliate Program screenshot

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