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How to Work with Affiliate Programs, Drive Mobile Traffic, Target Africa, and What Is the Role of Blockchain in All These Things? Results of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019



Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference results


On September 26, the long-awaited Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 by Smile-Expo took place, the event dedicated to affiliate marketing in the gambling business. The second event outmatched the first in terms of the volume and quality of practical information, the scope of exhibition area, and the general atmosphere of dedicated networking.

About reports

The conference was moderated by the co-founder of Papa Karlo CPA network Konstantin Karpalov, who organized breaks full of humor between the informative reports.

The first to speak was the Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads Roman Manuylov. He told the audience how affiliate programs usually worked with advertisers and why it did not bring traffic, and gave recommendations on how to improve the situation.

СМО of TruePlay Lyudmila Krivko shared the details and advantages of the first blockchain-based affiliate program, noting that the distinctive feature of TruePlay was the protection of affiliates against shaving. Besides, Lyudmila offered everyone to take part in the contest that allowed getting 100% RevShare from attracted customers.

The report of CMO Parimatch Africa Dmitry Belianin provoked huge interest, as he focused on the promising African market. Dmitry shared analytic data that showed remarkable demand for the gambling segment in the region alongside the small competition. The speaker mentioned that the market was a gold mine for affiliates and webmasters in case of cooperation with a strong brand.

Head of mobile at the international marketing agency Digital Choo (DC) Maxim Kirienko reviewed the case study of Parimatch. Having experience of work with this upscale customer, the speaker told how to drive traffic to mobile betting apps correctly. Maxim paid attention to the difference between the betting and gambling niches in terms of traffic acquisition, struggle against unfair webmasters and frauds.

The owner of affiliate network Anton Voystrikov continued the theme of mobile traffic. He talked about categories of CPA apps focusing on gambling and betting apps. Anton specified strategies of traffic acquisition through apps, their advantages, and related risks.

Founder of Initium Group Vitaliy Stetsenko also contributed to the understanding of the mobile market. In his report, he highlighted the main benefits of apps in lead generation, provided examples of creatives and statistics.

Founder of Quints Roman Bout thoroughly analyzed the CPA model and compared it with the Revenue Share. He noted that CPA traffic was the pain of beginning operators that had to compete with major brands, as it required much effort. Roman noted that only the correct retention strategy could help to cope with the problem and explained how to achieve that.

CEO of LAWBOOT law firm Viacheslav Ustimenko raised the question of loot boxes and skins in video games as gambling elements. The speaker dispelled the widespread myth about the lack of regulation of cryptocurrency settlements and gave recommendations on license acquisition and business registration.

CEO of Tatiana Nasonova discussed the needs of advertisers, webmasters, and CPA networks, as well as the possibility of their realization. The speaker explained how to come to understanding between parties and build trust relations.

CEO of Endorphina Jan Urbanec looked at the market from the standpoint of game developers. He explained why they appreciated affiliates and what kind of collaboration they expected. Jan especially highlighted the value of content and explained how developers could help webmasters gain it.

Panel discussion

Panel discussion “Casino, betting, esports: finding the right balance” raised a furor among attendees that were leaving questions for speakers during the whole conference and the discussion. As the moderator, CEO of PartnerMatrix Levon Nikoghosyan studied the interests of the audience and made sure that all main themes were covered.  

CEO of Playtini Anton Tlustyy and Head of Acquisitions at Firelink Media Vladimir Luchaninov analyzed the market mainly from the standpoint of content. In their turn, Head of Product Marketing at Adjarabet Giorgi Gvenetadze and СМО of Favbet/Favorit Sport Nik Rudenko assessed the situation in the market from the side of operators. Affiliates and webmasters showed interest in their stance on numerous questions.

Feedbacks of sponsors and exhibitors

The exhibition area of the second Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference significantly increased. Ten big industry companies presented products and services.

Among them, you could find gambling operators PokerMatch, Favbet and Favorit Sport, affiliate program TruePlay, online casino developer SoftGamings, international marketing agencies Digital Choo and ZLODEI, aggregator Slotegrator, outsourcing company SupportLAB, developer of affiliate marketing software Quints, and international LPB Bank.

In many respects, the event has been successful due to sponsors that supported it. Organizers express gratitude to:

  • Platinum and Bags Sponsor – international operator PokerMatch;
  • Silver Sponsor – affiliate program TruePlay;
  • Exhibition Area Sponsor – online casino software developer SoftGamings;
  • Badge / Lanyard Sponsor – international marketing agency Digital Choo (DC);
  • Registration Sponsor – international bookmaker FINBET.

The following feedbacks can convey the general atmosphere of the event.

“I liked the event a lot. It means that you were great at attracting visitors and we did our best with the product. Keep moving!” Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch. 

“Everything was great, we liked the event. We will participate once again. We wish you good luck in the further development of the event,” Sergey, SoftGamings.

“I like the dynamics of the event. We participated in this conference last year. And we can see how it grows, gets more diversified and convenient for work, offers many interesting speakers. Good job, make it more often,” Eduard Rogov, CMO at Quints.

You can read more about the goings-on in the exhibition area of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 and find feedbacks of all exhibitors and sponsors in standalone materials that will be soon published on the website of the event.

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020

The second conference outperformed the first one in all respects, which is confirmed by feedbacks of participants, sponsors, and guests of the event. The team of Smile-Expo will do everything possible for the third event to outshine the success of previous events. See you in 2020!


7 Rules For Online Gambling



7 Rules For Online Gambling


Read these 7 tips before you begin to gamble online.

1. The Law

There is a reason why this is number one on this list. It’s because the laws varies as to whether it is legal for you to gamble online. Know your states local laws before you begin to gamble on the Internet. If you are unsure, contact your local authorities, or as a reference, visit this site:

If you are outside of the United States, the same advice still applies. Do a search on the Internet or contact local authorities to determine whether it is legal or not for you to gamble over the Internet.

2. Casino Research

Keeping track of trustworthy casinos is the primary reason this website exists. I would still suggest you do your own investigation before making the first deposit. This includes your opinion of the website. Is it a shallow website without much content? Do they have customer service numbers and email addresses posted in a visible manor? Are their policies, terms, and condition statements vague or short? These are all ways to determine just how serious the company is about their operation.

Additionally, search for message boards and forums for any information regarding the casino in question. There are few websites like Casinofy that “approve” or suggest casinos. That does not mean it’s a reliable casino. Seek out more than one positive review for a casino.

3. First Time Playing

Almost all casinos and online poker rooms allow you to play for free. Once an account is made, there will be options to play for free, or play for money. Be smart! Play for free for a while. You may find out you don’t like a certain game, or the way the casino operates. This is your chance to move on before you make that first deposit.
If the casino does not offer the chance to make a free account, that would be a cause for concern. Move on to another casino if this is the case.

4. Payouts

Most importantly, when we sign up for a casino, most are thinking about winning! That’s the fun of gambling. Being a safe gambler means understanding that winning at a casino is not a given; however it’s a huge rush of excitement and adrenaline when it happens!
In the case that you win, you will want paid! Read the casinos payout conditions. Be sure that there are no stated stipulations that could prevent you from accessing your money outside of the online casino.

5. Customer Support

As stated earlier, customer support is an important way to judge the quality of the online casino. Research to make sure there are multiple ways to get in touch with casino staff. 24-hour phone numbers live online chat and email addresses are common industry standard customer services. It’s actually a great idea to call the customer service numbers and talk to the individual. Ask them a question or let them tell you about their sign-up bonuses.

6. Know The Game

This is no different with land-based casinos. Know your specific game rules before you begin to play. Different casinos will have different in-house rules that always apply first before what you are used to, or what you experienced elsewhere. Additionally, online casinos choose different software vendors. All software vendors and their licensees are not created equal. Read before you bet!

7. Adopt A Playing Style

With a land-based casino, you are often forced to play at a certain speed. You also don’t always have a nice dealer that will explain the difference in games or even how to play to you. I’ve made the same “first timer” mistakes myself. That ends up in loosing money fast!

After you research the in-house rules, be sure to use your own personal playing style with the games. Take your time! Think about your bets. Even more so, do some research on game strategy. There is plenty of free information available on the Internet that gives you an edge at playing the games. I will warn you that some “strategy” scams do exist. Use only free information, and carefully consider the tips or techniques before you employ them. After all this, HAVE FUN!

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Live Dealers Prove Big Draw for Online Casinos



Live Dealers Prove Big Draw for Online Casinos


The online casino experience has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the simple and unappealing presentations that players encountered with their favourite games. They’ve been replaced by attractive and exciting displays that not only replicate the physical-casino setup but are beamed directly from specialised studios with live dealers in charge of the action. 

It’s all down to the power of the internet and the development of newer technologies that allow the best live casinos online to provide thrilling playing and betting experiences for their customers all over the world. And it’s the widespread availability of increasingly reliable broadband internet that has made it possible for just about every adult that’s eligible to take part and enjoy themselves without leaving the comfort of their homes.

This is why online gambling has taken off in recent years, and in places like the United Kingdom — where betting and gambling are enormous pastimes and a giant industry worth £14.3 billion a year — it’s taking an ever-larger slice of the gambling space pie. According to the most recent figures from last year, online gambling in the UK is now worth £3.2 billion annually, a 3.9% rise on the figures from the previous year. 

People are playing on their desktops, laptops, tablets and, increasingly, their smartphones as the best live casinos are typically configured to work on the entire range of popular devices in use today. It’s not only the convenience of online casinos that’s providing such an attraction, but the time and cost savings too — why drive or fly to a casino and stay at a hotel when you don’t have to?


What Happens at Live-Dealer Casinos?

Online casinos with live-dealer features are broadcast via the internet from studios in various parts of the world. They have everything you’d expect from a physical casino depending on the type of game you’re playing — roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat and a whole lot more. When you sign up for an account at one of the best online casinos, you’ll typically be offered a promotion or bonus that may include cash sums that you can start using straight away to place bets — so an initial deposit might not be required. 

You’ll be able to interact with the dealer and everything is done in the same way as an offline casino. If you’re playing a card game like poker, for instance, the cards will be real and not a graphic, like they were in the early days of online casinos. The dealer will shuffle them, and you can place your bets, all in real-time, giving you the experience of being at a physical casino. As well as interacting with the dealer, you may also be able to chat with your fellow players — usually via a live chat feature.


Added Benefits of the Best Live Casinos

If you’re used to playing at physical casinos and are now spending more time at some of the best live casinos online, you’ll have surely noticed that there are additional attractions to the latter. They may have innovations you won’t find at offline casinos such as giant wheels spun by live presenters in games that are specially created for the online casino experience — Crazy Time from online casino provider Evolution Gaming is one such example. 

Plus, there’s added graphics to make the experience of remote playing and gambling all the more exciting, and the best studios are fitted out with the latest in lighting and other elements so that they look vibrant, inviting and make you want to stay and play. 

It turns out that you can bet on live dealer online casinos to offer a great time every time you visit.

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News Has Rebranded To


on Has Rebranded To


Welcome To TheBigFreeChipList’s New Identity

The leading gambling portal, TheBigFreeChipList, has rebranded itself as to better reflect the company’s current goals and objectives. The new identity was meant to bring awareness to the company’s offerings, as the new domain name is more tuneful, shorter, and easier to remember.

TheBigFreeChipList is not gone for good – the company has implemented a restructuring process without losing its brand essence whatsoever. Players will find the same top-quality online gambling content in the same user-friendly approach. The rebranding has only targeted the gambling platform’s name, without changing the interface of the website. is renowned for its Playground section and the Community Shop, two unique features on the market. The reason for the Playground’s originality is that the section hosts an excellent selection of games, where gamblers can play using Chipy coins, the website’s exclusive currency, for a chance to win.

With the Chipy coins, players can visit the Community Shop, a virtual shopping section, and indulge themselves with a generous collection of fun items. They have the opportunity to turn their coins into actual money by purchasing “Real Money Items”, acquire exclusive bonus offers by visiting the “Shop Bonuses” section, as well as getting hold of some really cool “Avatar Items”.

A Foray Into The Past

The company was established in 2012, under the name of TheBigFreeChipList, and was an immediate success. Only a few months after its launching into the online gambling industry, the Bonus Blog section of the site became extremely popular among gambling aficionados. This section is enjoying a lot of popularity in the present day as well.

It didn’t take long for TheBigFreeChipList to become one of the most trustworthy and reputable online gambling portals in the industry. Its offerings have always consisted of wide-ranging lists of online casinos rated and reviewed by real players, first-class collections of casino bonuses, entertaining game titles, and top software providers. And last but not least, an extensive and reliable news section aimed to bring users the latest gambling news.

Final Thoughts

TheBigFreeChipList has passed on its legacy to with the purpose of finding a balance between old and new, without losing its brand essence. The new identity represents the company in the online gambling industry and all the interconnected assets that come with this change are meant to propel into one of the best online gambling platforms on the market.

Chipy team believes that this change is important for further development and is hopeful that will bring significant benefits not only for the gambling portal but also for the players – as this rebranding process was before anything else an improvement meant to help users easily and efficiently retain the name of the website.


Be sure to check out and keep an eye out for all the fun surprises this rebranding has brought with it!

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