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How to Work with Affiliate Programs, Drive Mobile Traffic, Target Africa, and What Is the Role of Blockchain in All These Things? Results of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019



Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference results


On September 26, the long-awaited Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 by Smile-Expo took place, the event dedicated to affiliate marketing in the gambling business. The second event outmatched the first in terms of the volume and quality of practical information, the scope of exhibition area, and the general atmosphere of dedicated networking.

About reports

The conference was moderated by the co-founder of Papa Karlo CPA network Konstantin Karpalov, who organized breaks full of humor between the informative reports.

The first to speak was the Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads Roman Manuylov. He told the audience how affiliate programs usually worked with advertisers and why it did not bring traffic, and gave recommendations on how to improve the situation.

СМО of TruePlay Lyudmila Krivko shared the details and advantages of the first blockchain-based affiliate program, noting that the distinctive feature of TruePlay was the protection of affiliates against shaving. Besides, Lyudmila offered everyone to take part in the contest that allowed getting 100% RevShare from attracted customers.

The report of CMO Parimatch Africa Dmitry Belianin provoked huge interest, as he focused on the promising African market. Dmitry shared analytic data that showed remarkable demand for the gambling segment in the region alongside the small competition. The speaker mentioned that the market was a gold mine for affiliates and webmasters in case of cooperation with a strong brand.

Head of mobile at the international marketing agency Digital Choo (DC) Maxim Kirienko reviewed the case study of Parimatch. Having experience of work with this upscale customer, the speaker told how to drive traffic to mobile betting apps correctly. Maxim paid attention to the difference between the betting and gambling niches in terms of traffic acquisition, struggle against unfair webmasters and frauds.

The owner of affiliate network Anton Voystrikov continued the theme of mobile traffic. He talked about categories of CPA apps focusing on gambling and betting apps. Anton specified strategies of traffic acquisition through apps, their advantages, and related risks.

Founder of Initium Group Vitaliy Stetsenko also contributed to the understanding of the mobile market. In his report, he highlighted the main benefits of apps in lead generation, provided examples of creatives and statistics.

Founder of Quints Roman Bout thoroughly analyzed the CPA model and compared it with the Revenue Share. He noted that CPA traffic was the pain of beginning operators that had to compete with major brands, as it required much effort. Roman noted that only the correct retention strategy could help to cope with the problem and explained how to achieve that.

CEO of LAWBOOT law firm Viacheslav Ustimenko raised the question of loot boxes and skins in video games as gambling elements. The speaker dispelled the widespread myth about the lack of regulation of cryptocurrency settlements and gave recommendations on license acquisition and business registration.

CEO of Tatiana Nasonova discussed the needs of advertisers, webmasters, and CPA networks, as well as the possibility of their realization. The speaker explained how to come to understanding between parties and build trust relations.

CEO of Endorphina Jan Urbanec looked at the market from the standpoint of game developers. He explained why they appreciated affiliates and what kind of collaboration they expected. Jan especially highlighted the value of content and explained how developers could help webmasters gain it.

Panel discussion

Panel discussion “Casino, betting, esports: finding the right balance” raised a furor among attendees that were leaving questions for speakers during the whole conference and the discussion. As the moderator, CEO of PartnerMatrix Levon Nikoghosyan studied the interests of the audience and made sure that all main themes were covered.  

CEO of Playtini Anton Tlustyy and Head of Acquisitions at Firelink Media Vladimir Luchaninov analyzed the market mainly from the standpoint of content. In their turn, Head of Product Marketing at Adjarabet Giorgi Gvenetadze and СМО of Favbet/Favorit Sport Nik Rudenko assessed the situation in the market from the side of operators. Affiliates and webmasters showed interest in their stance on numerous questions.

Feedbacks of sponsors and exhibitors

The exhibition area of the second Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference significantly increased. Ten big industry companies presented products and services.

Among them, you could find gambling operators PokerMatch, Favbet and Favorit Sport, affiliate program TruePlay, online casino developer SoftGamings, international marketing agencies Digital Choo and ZLODEI, aggregator Slotegrator, outsourcing company SupportLAB, developer of affiliate marketing software Quints, and international LPB Bank.

In many respects, the event has been successful due to sponsors that supported it. Organizers express gratitude to:

  • Platinum and Bags Sponsor – international operator PokerMatch;
  • Silver Sponsor – affiliate program TruePlay;
  • Exhibition Area Sponsor – online casino software developer SoftGamings;
  • Badge / Lanyard Sponsor – international marketing agency Digital Choo (DC);
  • Registration Sponsor – international bookmaker FINBET.

The following feedbacks can convey the general atmosphere of the event.

“I liked the event a lot. It means that you were great at attracting visitors and we did our best with the product. Keep moving!” Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch. 

“Everything was great, we liked the event. We will participate once again. We wish you good luck in the further development of the event,” Sergey, SoftGamings.

“I like the dynamics of the event. We participated in this conference last year. And we can see how it grows, gets more diversified and convenient for work, offers many interesting speakers. Good job, make it more often,” Eduard Rogov, CMO at Quints.

You can read more about the goings-on in the exhibition area of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 and find feedbacks of all exhibitors and sponsors in standalone materials that will be soon published on the website of the event.

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020

The second conference outperformed the first one in all respects, which is confirmed by feedbacks of participants, sponsors, and guests of the event. The team of Smile-Expo will do everything possible for the third event to outshine the success of previous events. See you in 2020!


Casinos around the world cautiously reopen to a new normal




Given how devastatingly hit the casino business has been in the past few months, it should come as little surprise that casino operators around the world are hurriedly reopening their doors at the first opportunity.

Revenue reports from March to July – effectively when the novel coronavirus had spread across the planet and forced countries to impose severe lockdown measures – made for grim reading in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

In Nevada and New Jersey – the biggest casino hotspots in the US – recorded losses of up to and more than 90 percent compared to the same months in 2019. In the UK and mainland Europe, the figures were similar, while Macau – the gambling capital of the world – saw three successive months of revenue drops over 90 percent.

While online operations have seen a surge as millions of people have been forced to stay at home, that makes no difference to the many people whose livelihoods depend on land-based casinos opening their doors and welcoming customers. Indeed, thousands of jobs have been lost and thousands more are still at risk.

So even as Covid-19 continues to plague many countries, casinos have understandably started to open their doors once again.

The United States – the country where the pandemic has hit harder than any other – has allowed casinos to reopen, even as new cases cross more than 50,000 per day. In Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey casino floors are once again welcoming guests, while casinos across the United Kingdom reopened on July 4.

Las Vegas has also reopened its sportsbook operations, so guests can visit to get the latest Kentucky Derby odds (although you can find them online easier through You can place wagers on races and sports that, like the casino business, also went into lockdown but are now re-emerging.

Meanwhile, in Macau, casinos have also reopened but the mandatory 14-day quarantine for foreign visitors has severely limited foot traffic. The same applies to other countries like Singapore, South Africa, and Monte Carlo.

While casinos have resumed operations in an attempt to bounce back from a financially damaging few months, they do so amid a new normal for operators and visitors alike.

Strict rules and health measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of guests and staff and to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Maximum capacity limits range between 20 and 30 percent and face masks must be worn at all times. Drinking, eating, and smoking have been banned for the time being, while temperature check points and hand sanitizer stations have been placed all around casino floors. Glass barriers have also been placed around table games in some casinos to prevent the spread of germs between players and dealers.

Those guests returning to casinos may also notice higher gambling minimums or at least fewer options of lower minimum games. This is thought to have been introduced for two reasons. Firstly, it is viewed as an attempt by many casinos to drive revenues up as quickly as possible and secondly, to deter some players to ensure going over the imposed limited capacities.

Even with the many restrictions in place and the pandemic still raging on, the economical decision to reopen has helped to address growing unemployment in casino-focused cities and towns.

For instance, the union representing casino workers in New Jersey reported that in the first few days of reopening, between 20 and 30 percent of union members got their jobs back.

As measures loosen and capacities gradually increase, more people will be able to return to work after months of struggle and uncertainty.

It had been deemed callous to talk about reopening economies and getting people back to work during the early stages of the pandemic and when the death toll was rapidly increasing. But as the crisis continued and there was a realization that ‘normal’ would not return for the foreseeable future, then tackling increasing poverty as a result of the outbreak has become an inevitable priority.

The casino business is just one of many industries that rely heavily on visitors and tourism, and its cautious reopening shows that life must go on in the current climate, even if ‘normal’ is some way away from returning.

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Online poker: the biggest winner during the coronavirus pandemic





The gambling industry has experienced both extremes during the coronavirus pandemic. On one side, land-based casinos and sportsbooks have been hit extremely hard.

The effects of lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions and social distancing measures have meant casinos have been forced to close for more than three months – and the financial consequences have been devastating. From Las Vegas to New Jersey, London to Macau – casinos all around the world are posting all-time low revenues.

Similarly, the lockdown of the vast majority of professional sport has seen sportsbooks grind to a halt, with sports betting companies in the United Kingdom and Europe experiencing slumps between 40 and 60 percent since March.

While the return of sport has helped the sector rebound to an extent, the cancellation of Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics have presented other challenges as such major, international events are prime opportunities for sportsbook companies to attract new customers.

However, while land-based casinos and sportsbooks have felt the full force of the Covid-19 outbreak, other areas of the gambling world have thrived.

Online gambling in the United States, the United Kingdom, and mainland Europe has seen a record surge in the past few months as the very reasons that have damaged land-based casinos – such as lockdowns and social distancing – have directly benefited online operations.

For instance, New Jersey recorded record revenues in May for online casino betting, as companies, like BetAmerica, who offers this service profiting from the lockdown. Meanwhile The Stars Group in the UK reported a 92 percent increase in revenue the same month compared to 12 months ago.

While slots and gambling games have seen a major rise during the past few months, the big winner has been online poker.

Three of the four states in the US with legal online poker operations have reported a huge spike in revenues, while the fourth – Nevada – has not released the figures, but one can safely assume that they, too, have experienced an increase.

New Jersey saw online poker revenue jump from $1.57 million in April 2019 to $5.2m 12 months later, while Pennsylvania enjoyed 68 percent and Delaware 48 percent increases when comparing the same two months.

The trends are similar in Europe. In France, for example, online poker revenue is up 44.1 percent compared to the same month last year while UK-based gambling giant 888 has seen its share price surge.

Of all the online gambling games, poker has been uniquely placed to benefit from the current situation.

As friends and family members have been kept apart, poker has been a popular means of socializing. It explains the increased popularity of Poker Stars’ Private Home Games and the rush of competitors to launch similar services.

“It’s only natural. People are stuck at home, they’re bored and even though there are more live poker options starting right now, people are just hesitant to jump right back in because of the health risk implications,” said professional poker player Danielle Andersen.

Then there has been the move online for prestigious professional events which would otherwise have been cancelled or postponed.

It was announced in June that the World Series of Poker – which had been scheduled to take place from May 26 to July 15 at the Rio Convention Center in Las Vegas – would be held online throughout July through to the first week of September.

By taking the 2020 WSOP online, it has also increased the size of the player pool, allowing players from outside the United States to compete for WSOP bracelets.

While poker great Daniel Negreanu said the move online was a “classic case of making the best of it”, it has still allowed professional poker to continue – a luxury many other sports and competitions do not have.

Meanwhile, professional poker’s other flagship event, PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship, has been canceled.

Aware of the surge in popularity of online poker during these unprecedented times, operators have poured greater investment, marketing, and technology into their poker operations, which will only benefit the game in the long term and help attract and retain more customers.

As life gradually returns to normal, online poker will naturally see a relative decline in interest as millions of people are no longer confined to their homes and professional players are once again able to attend live events.

But what this pandemic has shown is that poker has not only been able to survive under such trying circumstances but has thrived.

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Growth of Illegal Casinos and Betting Sites



Growth of Illegal Casinos and Betting Sites


Plenty of reports have surfaced in recent times over the increase in the number of people taking to online gambling sites during lockdown across the world. Yet, what hasn’t been touched on just yet is the number of illegal platforms that have cropped up recently, too. Yet, Australia has just released details of the increase in the amount of illegal online betting sites springing to life during these tough times.

Despite Australia’s government going all out in a bid to block such sites from penetrating through to the country’s gamblers, it seems as though offshore sites are once again targeting such players in their masses. According to analytics from SEMrush, the number of searches for “online pokies” within Australia went through a swift leap in April to 40,500, which is massive in comparison to February’s result of 12,100.

Even more than that, an increase in the search for “online casino Australia real money” spiked by 540%, showing that the country still has quite the desire to gamble, despite strict gambling laws being in place there.

It was only a few months prior that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) ordered its internet service providers (ISPs) to block 52 illegal online casino sites. Those platforms remained blocked to Australia gamblers, but this hasn’t stopped numerous other offshore and illegal casinos and sportsbooks to appear during lockdown.

Australia Fighting a Losing Battle?

Some might suggest that the Australia government is fighting a losing battle when it comes to blocking access to offshore online gambling sites. There are so many in existence, that by the time they finish blocking them, plenty more will have opened their virtual doors. While it’s not specifically illegal to play online casino games in the country, it is illegal for websites to provide Australians with that sort of service.

This is different to nearby country New Zealand, where online casino gambling is licensed and regulated. That’s why it’s possible to find various lists of the best bookmakers in New Zealand, as these are fairly commonplace to residents. Yet, Australia is a bit more conservative when it comes to the accessibility of such. Could Australia learn from New Zealand’s setup? Well, possibly. But, it does seem like Australia has a bigger problem with people becoming addicted to gambling, in general.

That being said, research does suggest that the number of people in Australia participating in online gambling declined during the months of March and April this year. However, those who were accessing gambling sites did actually end up spending more money than normal at them. This doesn’t fare well for the industry in general where Australia is concerned, as the government estimated that last year, citizens lost around $400 million by participating in online gambling expeditions.

However, statistics did display that participation in gambling at offshore platforms prior to the pandemic had been on the decline. Unfortunately, that seems to have now become a little irrelevant with more Australians looking to satisfy their gaming needs while having nothing better to do with their time at home.

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