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Casimoose Has One Aim and That is to Help Canadians Find the Best Online Casino




Canada’s online gambling industry is growing at an exponential rate, and it is certainly not going to be slowing down any time soon. Nowadays, more and more Canadians are doing a spot of online gambling and more casinos are being built to meet the high demands. We know how popular this industry now is, therefore, it is important that we analyze online casinos before signing up with them. They all want to make profits, so this is a good enough reason not to blindly believe any bonus offer they make. There are plenty of great comparison sites out there that give great information about a variety of online casinos and, which was created in 2020, is one such site that is gaining popularity among Canadians.

A Team of Experts

At Casimoose, you will come across a team of experts that have been involved in the online gambling industry in one way or another for many years. Every member of the team has one aim in life and that is to make sure that all online casino players in Canada can easily find the best online casino sites for them. They use all of the great knowledge that they have accumulated over the years to make sure that this what happens.

We feel that it is important to add here that the Casimoose experts do not only provide information about casinos that have been in existence for a long time – they are aware that new casinos are popping up all the time now thanks to the rapid growth of the online gambling industry in Canada, so they make sure that they provide all their readers with valuable information about new casinos too.

The sources where they acquire their information from helps their authenticity and they do not leave anything to luck when they are gathering their information. They acquire their stats from a plethora of sources which include the online casinos themselves and feedback from players that have spent plenty of time playing at the casino in question. It is fair to say that they really do not leave any stone unturned when it comes down to giving their readers as much great information as possible.

What is So Special about Casimoose?

You might be sitting there thinking that we just answered this question above, but the immense effort that the Casimoose experts put in is not the only thing that makes this affiliate site so special. Another thing that makes them so great is what they do with the information that they find.

They publish all the information that they deem to be valuable in detailed reviews. By reading a review of theirs you will be able to find out all the important information that you need. We will not discuss what type of information you will find in a Casimoose review here as this is explained in the following section.

Casimoose has your back, and if they come across an online casino that is not doing things by the book and seems to be trying to cheat innocent gamblers out of their hard-earned money, then they will let you know about it in no uncertain terms and give them a poor rating, meaning that you do not fall into their trap.

Not All Casinos Will Make the Cut

when it comes to ranking online casinos, Casimoose are extremely transparent as to what they keep a look out for. They have their own criteria that they analyze at each casino, and if a casino is lacking when it comes to these criteria then they will not be recommended to their readers. Thus, when you are looking at the different online casinos that they suggest Canadians open an account with, you can be certain that there no online casinos on the list that are rubbish.

So, what exactly do the experts at Casimoose look out for when they analyze an online casino? We have given you a list below that reveals all:

  • The bonuses that are on offer – Do they offer players an enticing Welcome Bonus and other promos? Are the terms and conditions such as wagering requirements fair?
  • The games that are on offer – Will players be able to enjoy a variety of table games (poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack) and slots? Are their games also available to play for free? Can you play all their games on your mobile device? Do the games have a good payout rate?
  • The different payment methods available – Do they have the best deposit and withdrawal options for Canadians such as VISA, Trustly, Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Neteller?
  • Who they hold a license by – Are they licensed by reputable regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission?
  • The customer support that is on offer – Do they have a great customer support team that can be contacted via email, live chat, and telephone?
  • Are there sports too? Nowadays, many of those who like to do a spot of gambling at online casinos also like to do a bit of sports betting. Therefore, they will also check what sports markets are on offer if they do indeed have a sportsbook available.


The Casimoose Experts

As we spoke about above, Casimoose has a team of experts that make sure that people gambling in Canada can find exactly what they are searching for in an online casino. Below we are going to have a look at the Casimoose experts in a bit more detail, so you can clearly see why they are qualified to do what they do.

The team at Casimoose is composed of Kayleigh Williams (content writer), Hunter Wilson (content writer), and Charlotte Fitzgerald (editor).

Kayleigh is a content writer who has eight years of analyzing casinos and writing reviews under her belt. If she looks at an online casino and tells you that they are not worth opening an account with, then we suggest that you listen to her words carefully and take your money somewhere else. She is not telling you for the sake of her own health.

Hunter is also a content writer, but he also really enjoys playing poker in his spare time. As well as being an avid poker player, he also enjoys other table games such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. He is also partial to a few spins on slots every now and then. In short, he definitely has the experience to know what he is talking about when it comes to casino games.

Charlotte is the editor at Casimoose, and she has 10 years’ worth of gambling editing experience under her belt. She has worked with some top companies during her career and is the one that makes sure the standard remains extremely high at Casimoose. If she does not like something, she will not hesitate to let Hunter or Kayleigh know about it. This is great as it means that you can be certain that the information that you read on their site is nothing but quality.

Casimoose Advocate Safe Gambling

People love to gamble because they enjoy the thrill it gives them. There really is not a lot out there that can beat that adrenaline rush you get when you are waiting for a roulette wheel to stop or the blackjack dealer to turn his cards over. However, we cannot deny the fact that gambling can become addictive extremely quickly.

This is the reason why Casimoose are big advocates of responsible gambling. Whether you are going through a nice winning streak or an annoying losing streak, you have to know when to call it quits. You need to set a budget for yourself and keep to it, no matter what happens. If you set a budget of $100 and you lose it, it is imperative that you do not go ahead and tell yourself that it is perfectly fine to spend $20 or $30 more to try and recuperate it – this will lead to you losing more money.

Yes, we gamble to win money, but you should also gamble for entertainment. If you find that gambling is no longer entertaining for you, they you have to stop. If you believe that you have a gambling problem, then you should seek some professional help as soon as possible – the longer it is left, the worse it will get.


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Affiliate Program News

YoGroup Affiliates Relaunches Affiliate Programme with Income Access!



YoGroup Affiliates Relaunches Affiliate Programme with Income Access!


The Rank Group, a leading gambling company operating in the UK and Spain, has announced the relaunch of its affiliate programme, the YoGroup Affiliates Programme, in partnership with Income Access.

The YoGroup Affiliates Programme is the official affiliate programme for two of Spain’s most popular gaming brands: YoBingo and YoCasino. This duo of brands combines an array of quality gaming experiences across Bingo, Casino, Slots, Roulette, Live Games and more!

Income Access will be providing their industry-leading affiliate marketing tracking platform solution, along with an optimised affiliate payments process to YoGroup, in addition to launching and managing its new affiliate channel. The launch will supply affiliates with a wide range of marketing and analytics tools, flexible commissions, detailed performance tracking and support from a knowledgeable team with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

About YoBingo

YoBingo is the most popular online Bingo brand in Spain. It offers:

  • The largest Jackpots in Bingo for Spain, up to 145k
  • Scheduled room pricing, providing transparency to customers
  • Bingo, Slingo, Video Bingo, Slots & Roulette
  • An easy-to-use mobile product
  • Simple and fast verification
  • Live chat available every day
  • A large selection of payment methods
  • Enormous focus on Responsible Gaming

About YoCasino

With the vision of becoming Spain’s most customer focused Casino, YoCasino offers the best selection of online games, such as roulette, blackjack and bingo. Their growth rate has been phenomenal, aided by a focus on engaging and current promotional mechanics. YoCasino was the first operator in Spain to embrace the Bonus Hunt mechanic, an idea born out of the staff being avid fans of Casino streaming. Player loyalty is rewarded via not one, but two daily reward wheels, Lucky Spin and Lucky Spin nights, where players are rewarded daily for play with the prizes and theme changing monthly. They also offer:

  • Over 1,000 games from 15 providers with more to come!
  • Slot of the Week with top market games and exclusives
  • YoCasino is the only Casino in Spain doing Battle of Slots with instant rewards
  • Instant withdrawals now available and a large selection of payment methods
  • Proudly licensed by the DGOJ, ensuring safety and a commitment to player protection
  • A strong view on the importance of responsible gaming
  • A huge selection of Live Roulette options
  • A seamless cross sell with their flagship brand – YoBingo
  • 10 new game releases per week, including YoCasino Exclusives
  • An easy-to-use mobile product
  • Simple and fast verification
  • Live chat available every day

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Betsson Group Affiliates to sponsor AffPapa iGaming Awards



Betsson Group Affiliates to sponsor AffPapa iGaming Awards


Betsson Group Affiliates has made it to the list of the AffPapa iGaming Awards as a Silver Sponsor.

The partnership continues a close collaboration between AffPapa and the iGaming operator, after they renewed their year-long contract at the beginning of this year. The operator has closed several deals through AffPapa, and the workflow has been really seamless.

Shakyra Johnsson, Senior Affiliate Operations Manager at BGA, commented:

“Betsson Group Affiliates has been working closely with Affpapa since 2020 and we are very satisfied with the results of this partnership. As an operator and affiliate programme that is constantly striving for excellence, we are extremely proud to be sponsoring this year’s AffPapa iGaming Awards and wish all nominees the best of luck!”

The first-ever AffPapa iGaming Awards will soon mark its debut with the voting process starting on May 23rd. Numerous prominent brands have joined AffPapa in honoring the industry’s top performers and showcasing their brand to as many potential clients and partners as possible.

Yeva Avagyan, Head of Commercials at AffPapa, stated:

“We’re looking forward to continuing our close working relationship with the BGA team and building on what we’ve already established. Betsson Group Affiliates’ decision to work with us again reflects AffPapa’s continued efforts and the value it delivers to its partners. We’re pleased that our first Awards received such an excellent reaction, and that so many amazing brands, such as BGA, have joined us.”

The Awards will be followed by an exclusive event – iGaming Club – on July 5th in Amsterdam, with plenty of networking opportunities.

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How important are partnerships in iGaming?




Many industries have been driven by rivalries as every company is striving for the best – but it’s not always the best long term solution. Partnerships are incredibly important and provide businesses with a way to evolve and expand their customer base.

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies within the iGaming industry to partner up for mutually beneficial agreements. Only recently, Push Gaming and Scientific Games signed a major deal to form a partnership. While on the one hand, these two companies are competitors fighting for the players’ attention but they saw the potential long-term success of the collaboration.

A good partnership can completely elevate a business to the next level which is why it’s so important within the iGaming industry. Despite being an industry that’s fiercely competitive, partnerships can be advantageous for all parties involved – if it’s done well.

Partnerships can improve the player’s experience

Within the past few years, there has been a multitude of partnerships among slot developers. Many independent game studios have gained much-needed exposure from partnerships with big names such as Yggdrasil, Relax Gaming and Microgaming due to their specialist platforms.

On the surface, these platforms seem to mainly boost the smaller studios, when in reality it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Giving independent developers access to better tools and authoritative expertise improves the reputation of the bigger studio that is providing them with the support.

The established developers host smaller ones on their platforms often under the bigger name. Therefore, casinos that host the larger developers potentially get the smaller studio as well which vastly improves the player’s experience and overall opinion of the developer.

A key example would be Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters programme which is an invite-only platform that features studios such as Peter & Sons, Reflex Gaming and True Lab Games. The casinos that have previously partnered with Yggdrasil have the potential to host the games created through the YGS Masters programme, which improves the selection of games at the player’s disposal.

Ultimately, the most important factor is the player’s experience and enjoyment which is easily improved by partnerships like these.

Affiliates partnering with developers is mutually beneficial

Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes but they can be extremely valuable to all parties involved. It’s not just developers within the iGaming world collaborating together but also affiliates working alongside the developers as well.

One of the leading sources of independent online slot reviews, Slot Gods, have partnered with over ten different developers within the last six months. These partnerships have included the previously mentioned Push Gaming and Scientific Games along with other big names such as Relax Gaming and Playtech.

Fundamentally, partnerships like these allow developers to build excitement for upcoming slot releases or to give an insight into the ethos of their studio through interviews. Affiliate sites like Slot Gods are given exclusives through content, whilst the studios gain exposure for their products. It’s essentially a form of free marketing that is beneficial to everyone involved with no real cost.

Takeovers can be advantageous to the iGaming industry

Whilst good partnerships are useful and instrumental to success, takeovers can also be worthwhile within the iGaming industry. One of the biggest takeovers includes Evolution Gaming’s acquisition of NetEnt for 2 billion dollars in 2020.

This collaboration led to the creation of the popular Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Essentially, this combined the fan-favourite Gonzo’s Quest with the popular live casino game format from Evolution to make a product that’s unique and fresh for players.

Acquisitions like this have the potential to improve the general industry with innovations like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt that combine online slots with the interactive live casino experience. Future innovations like this lead to positive repercussions for the rest of the iGaming industry.

Networking is always key 

Both partnerships and takeovers can boost the industry but exchanging information through networking is important as well. At its core, networking is the process of sharing knowledge with people or organisations that are in the same field.

Of course, exclusive secrets or non-disclosure agreements (NDA) should not be shared but insights into important changes (such as laws) or software are worthwhile in improving the general industry. For example, distributing private information under an NDA is disrespectful and potentially damaging to all involved, but enlightening another affiliate with an upcoming law change is helpful for all in the long run.

Networking events like IGB Affiliate can even lead to partnerships or at least guide people within the iGaming industry in the right direction. Naturally, some may want to keep all the information to themselves, but it works out better in the industry long-term if people network to constantly share and improve upon ideas.

Closing thoughts

It’s clear to see that partnerships are a valuable asset in iGaming that should not be taken lightly. They are incredibly important in promoting products, exchanging knowledge and improving the player’s overall experience.

Even traditional media sites such as The Telegraph see the value in partnering within the iGaming world as they gain all their in-depth reviews, guides and tips about iGaming from affiliate BettingExpert.

The biggest question that remains is this: Will affiliates within iGaming ever work together to see the merit in partnerships? Experts within bingo could work with specialists in the live casino game sector to exchange valuable knowledge. No single person can become an expert on everything, so it’s helpful to get an adept person within this field to fill in the gaps.

Whether affiliates will work together in the future remains to be seen, but it could revolutionise the entirety of the iGaming industry.

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