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Highest Paying Affiliate Program Niches for Aussie Bloggers



Highest Paying Affiliate Program Niches for Aussie Bloggers


Let’s face it, online blogging is slowly losing momentum. Modern users prefer running vlogs on YouTube, writing Instagram posts and short tweets because of the fast pace of life and the overwhelming presence of clip culture. Nevertheless, engaging blog posts and long reads remain pretty popular as people seek a comprehensive vision on various topics.

In Australia, blogging is still ‘alive’. Especially, this is true for companies that promote their products or services via corporate blogs. However, solo bloggers can also get their piece of the pie, too. In this case, affiliate marketing looks like one of the best sources of passive income for bloggers regardless of their experience.

But how can one make money using this strategy? What are the best niches and programs for Australian affiliate bloggers? Let’s try to find the answers.

Affiliate Marketing Basics
The first thing you should understand before joining any affiliate network is how the process of partnership is organized. Investopedia defines affiliate marketing as an advertising model in which companies pay middlemen for extra traffic and/or leads. Put simply, you, as a blogger, can integrate an affiliate link in your website and get compensation for this. There are three main types of payment:

1, Pay per sale. Partner companies will reward you with a certain percentage of the final price for a product/service purchased by the customer. In this case, you can expect a lavish compensation, but also should convince your website visitors to actually buy something from the partner company.

2, Pay per lead. Here, affiliate marketers get compensation based on conversion rates. As a blogger, you generate leads for merchants, so users don’t have to buy products or services but must perform specific actions, e.g. sign up or subscribe to the newsletter.

3, Pay per click. The simplest model that provides for generating traffic only. Bloggers put affiliate links for readers to click them and enter the site. Companies then pay their partners based on the traffic they drive to the website.

Affiliate marketing can really bring stable passive income 24/7, but only persistent users can benefit from it. Here, everything depends on your performance. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with angry customers (but we still recommend promoting only quality products that will be useful to end users). When it comes to entering into affiliate partnership, the first thing you should consider is niches or topics you will focus on.

Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketers
Choosing a product or service to promote isn’t a simple task. Some niches such as fashion, clothing, makeup, and jewelry look promising, but they offer minuscule affiliate payouts. This means, you will have to force your readers to buy tons of shoes or rings from the partner website if you want to earn some decent money. Other niches such as gambling are simply illegal. According to Australian laws about casino pokies, both individual providers and advertisers can be penalized for $220,000 per day of prohibited activity. For companies, fines go up to $1.1 million per day.

Hence, you should choose the niche carefully. It’s better to be as precise as possible and select more untapped niches. Further, we will list five of the most profitable and popular niches for Australian affiliate bloggers.

1. Finance
Money leads the game in all industries and in our everyday life, too. Within this niche, you can choose different branches such as personal loans, insurance or investment. For example, cryptocurrency trading is highly popular now, so affiliate partnership with a leading crypto exchange should be pretty profitable for bloggers.

Examples: Naritas Finance (AU$100 per lead), Now Finance (AU$50 per lead).

2. Health
This evergreen niche forces people to care about their own health and physical development. Australians are eager to invest in healthy organic products, diet plans or gyms, so consider working with companies that deliver these services and goods. Pregnancy is another highly demanded topic though.

Examples: Bodecare (15% per sale), Pharma Botanica (20% per sale).

3. Home and Garden
Being a relatively rich nation based on Western culture, Australians care about their homes. That’s why various cozy stuff for rooms and yards is popular among people here. One of the fresh promising niches is linens. For instance, you can partner with the ‘mattress in a box’ providers that are relatively new to Australia.

Examples: Hugo Sleep (6% per sale), Sommuto (5% per sale).

4. Love and Relationship
Apart from health, everybody cares about personal relationship. We all want to love and be loved so these ideas will also be demanded. You can choose among different subsections, including dating services for specific categories of people, counseling services, and marriage agencies. The related niches such as gifts or beauty service work fine here, too.

Examples: CitySwoon (10% per sale).

5. Online Education
When it’s all going well with health and family, it’s time to think about personal development and self-education. Although open online courses were booming a few years ago, these platforms are highly popular now as well. Additionally, various local facilities like schools and universities hold online courses on different topics from geospatial planning to cooking.

Examples: Code Camp (7.5% per sale).

Leading Affiliate Networks for Australians
Finally, we’ve gathered the most famous and profitable affiliate programs in Australia. Usually, you should only sign up for free, explore available offers from merchants, choose the most suitable one, and integrate links in your website or blog. Don’t deal with platforms that feature paid membership as they often have relatively low ROI compared to the sites with free subscription. Still, you can consider upgrading your free plan to a premium one to get more valuable offers from companies.

Now, let’s check Australian websites listing affiliate programs:

  • Commission Factory – a solid workspace for affiliates, advertisers, and agencies with a great interface and favorable conditions for bloggers.
  • Impact Radius – a platform for relatively big blogs that have huge readership. They work with famous brands like Uber and Woolworths.
  • ShareASale – delivers unique offerings that aren’t available at other platforms. There are some interesting partners like Reebok and Grammarly.
  • Skimlinks – a convenient website that has one great feature. Here, you don’t have to insert links manually as the platform does it via the code.

As well, you can cooperate with global networks like Amazon, eBay, iTunes, and so on.

By choosing a profitable and active niche combined with a reliable affiliate program, you can boost the blog’s revenue greatly. Don’t expect insane profits in the short term though. Affiliate marketing is about passive and stable income, but it can hardly be a primary earner. But it’s still a good option, isn’t it?

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3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Casino Affiliate Business



3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Casino Affiliate Business


There can be no question that the online casino business is flying right now. It seems that nothing can stop the rapid rise of this exciting industry!

Individuals across the globe are looking to get in on the action, creating gambling affiliate websites to tap into the lucrative wealth that the industry can provide.

Although seriously competitive and ever-changing, the affiliate biz is an exciting one that brings endless possibilities. Whether you are looking to strike out as a review and information portal such as, or prefer something slightly different, the affiliate industry can be truly exciting.

In this article, we will take a look at 3 things to consider before starting a new casino affiliate business. From research to the importance of tech, we will cover it all.

Let’s get going with the foundation of any career in the affiliate industry.

Know your stuff: The importance of research

If you are serious about launching a new casino affiliate business, you’re really going to have to know your stuff.

Online gambling is a lucrative yet complex world, packed with variables and jargon and more that can leave newcomers bewildered. If you are looking to launch a new casino affiliate business, you will need to research the industry heavily. Of course, the best way to do this is to play some casino games yourself! Sign up to a few different sites and get playing, practice makes perfect after all!

You will need a strong grasp of modern technology

If you are serious about starting a new casino affiliate business, understanding the tech behind the industry is also key. You will save plenty of money when building your website if you can learn basic HTML, not to mention you will gain total creative control of your project. After all, this is your project!

When you know HTML, you can constantly revamp and polish your site to keep things fresh for new players. Image is extremely popular in the new casino affiliate business and so you should not underestimate this aspect.

Another key tech to understand is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In fact, this is more a type of marketing than anything else, which functions by using keywords, interlinking and meta titles to ensure that a given site finishes as high up as can be in search engine results. If it sounds simple, then that’s because it is, at least on the surface. There is no end to the ways you can manipulate SEO to ensure that your new casino affiliate business gets plenty of airtime.

Consider using gambling affiliate programs

If you are still interested in starting a new casino affiliate business, well done! One of the best ways to do so is to join a program, which removes plenty of the burden on you at first.

Basically, these programs show new casino affiliate businesses how to drive traffic to their site, thereby getting your foot in the door of what can be a seriously tough industry to break into. You should really consider joining a program if you feel that your site is not getting the coverage you desire.

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The Digital Marketing Mixer delights with SEO MasterClass and a Mad Hatter Themed Summer Networking Party



The Digital Marketing Mixer delights with SEO MasterClass and a Mad Hatter Themed Summer Networking Party


The 3rd iteration of the Digital Marketing Mixer  a FREE business networking event will kick off the British Summer Bank Holiday weekend in style. Guests will enjoy a Mad Hatter Summer Themed, virtual Tea Party on Friday the 28th August between 4-6pm (GMT) via live Zoom.

The virtual networking event, hosted by AffiliateINSIDER CEO and affiliate industry veteran, Lee-Ann Johnstone – is designed to help connect suppliers , brands, agencies and affiliates together virtually to kick start new commercial conversations whilst physical conferences are delayed.

Join the party – Learn the latest SEO Insight and enjoy the show!

“The Digital Marketing Mixer is about making new personal connections virtually in a structured setting. This month we are privileged to also have visiting lecturer Matthew Hughes from the Arts University of Bournemouth (AUB) in the United Kingdom, which offers leading digital media courses. Matthew will be giving an exclusive SEO Masterclass – which shouldn’t be missed!”  mentions Johnstone.

The event offers hosted speed networking sessions where a variety of industry topics are discussed in groups along with fun ice breaker games (with great prizes to be won) and themed entertainment. The Mad Hatter Tea Party will also offer guests a mind boggling display of “Alice in Wonderland” style visual trickery delivered live by Canadian entertainer and magician, Ray Anderson.

The focus of this event will bring digital and affiliate marketing businesses together to start new commercial discussions.

Sarafina Wolde Gabrielle, VP of strategy at Income Access, a Paysafe Company, said The Digital Marketing Mixer offers affiliates, suppliers and operators  a chance to connect in-person and enjoy a fun, short and structured virtual networking session” , whilst Lloyd Richman, the founder of iBet Directory said:  “The Digital Marketing Mixer offers guests a great opportunity to make new contacts and gain an inside view on current changes taking place in our industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses, publishers, agencies and operator brands to come together and get new business done!” 


RSVP FOR FREE and enjoy the next Digital Marketing Mixer HERE

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Affiliate Announcements

Digital Marketing Mixer to be hosted for second iteration of FREE business networking on 30th June



Digital Marketing Mixer to be hosted for second iteration of FREE business networking on 30th June



Last month saw the launch of the first Digital Marketing Mixer, a FREE business networking event created by Lee-Ann Johnstone which hosted over 150+ iGaming and Affiliate Marketing professionals in attendance.

The event which received outstanding delegate reviews, will be hosted again on Monday 30th June between 4-6pm (BST) via Zoom. The aim of the speed networking event is to bring together affiliates and digital marketers, technology providers , agencies, experts and marketing service providers together to promote their services virtually.

With limits on travel and attendance at physical events still in play opportunities to network for new business have been limited. That combined with increased remote working has had a natural impact on business development slowing in the short term.

The Digital Marketing Mixer has been created as an open platform for professional social networking to take place in a structured but relaxed virtual atmosphere. The event has been created to support new business and continued lead generation for all businesses operating in the Affiliate industry.

Lee-Ann Johnstone, the event host commented: “The Digital Marketing Mixer is a key event for digital and affiliate marketing businesses to get better connected during this uncertain time. The objective is simple, bring people together to talk, to collaborate and ensure new business and service opportunities continue to thrive. I’ve created this FREE networking event for EVERYONE to benefit from in the affiliate industry to help get new business deals done.”

The mixer remains 100% FREE for delegates to attend and is open to any vertical. Once again the event is held in collaboration with founding collaborators, iBet Directory, and AffiliateINSIDER collaborating to deliver this event.

“The toughest part of the conference experience to replicate online was always going to be those oh-so-important conversations in the bar. I was delighted to find myself in just such conversations at the Digital Marketing Mixer – top marks! “  said Sue Dawson from who attended last month’s inaugural event. 

The Digital Marketing Mixer will offer a host of  fun networking games, speed selling challenges and enable delegates to enjoy discussing the latest industry trends whilst providing a platform to market their goods and services. The focus of this event remains on getting digital and affiliate marketing professionals quickly connected, getting new deals – done!

Lloyd Richman, founder of iBet Directory commented: The Digital Marketing Mixer Party is a great concept and offers all delegates the option to contribute unlike other webinars and conferences. It had a good mixture of natural event speakers, experienced iGaming professionals and new people to the industry. A great event which was highly successful.

If you are an agency, affiliate, consultant, operator, digital marketer, payment provider or saas product owner, everyone working with or in the affiliate industry is welcome to attend.

RSVP FOR FREE and join the Digital Marketing MixerHERE

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3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Casino Affiliate Business

  There can be no question that the online casino business is flying right now. It seems that nothing can...

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