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Binary Options Trading Success with Alex of



In this article we’re going to approach the Binary Options Trading market with Alex Radulescu, a professional binary options trader, market analyst. Alex has been active in the Forex industry for over 11 years.

Name: Alexandru Radulescu


Hometown: Slatina, Romania

Living in: Slatina, Romania

Favorite Food:Pasta & Steak tartare

Must Read Book: Trading for a living by Dr. Elder Alexander. Dictionary, by Lagar Olvier Justing

GAV: Hi Alex, first of all, tell us and our readers a little bit about yourself. How did your career start in the industry? What made you to engage in this activity and start working at ?

Alex: Hi guys, and thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity. I`m the guy that left his hometown, traveled the world up and about, lived in “The Big City” – Bucharest, lol – for a lot of time, only to return to his roots and hometown, where he draws his energy from and feels the most productive. I`m not married yet, but looking forward to it, like most of us.
Now, the business part: It all started about 13 years ago, when an international brokerage company arrived in Romania. It was the first of its kind. That was my first contact with the Forex phenomena and it had that miraculous aura that drew me in. Along with another 290-something people, I took a one year training, witch lead to just 10 being selected to work for them in the end. I was amongst these ten lucky selected ones. A long but wonderful journey followed, one that continues today.
While on this road of trading Forex, I began to understand the market and strategies so well, that the mathematician and engineer inside me kicked-in, so very early in my 20’s I started developing algorithms and trading strategies. Basically, this is how the project came to life.


GAV: Could you make a short introduction to/about  binary options trading, what’s it all about?

Alex: I know that normally descriptions of trading are very nice about it an what it entails. But for me, it’s just one thing:Work and Passion.

GAV: is the most profitable binary options service provider. What do you think is the key aspect that your members appreciate regarding your program/offer?

Alex: Members initially come for all the packages that we offer absolutely free. Daily webinars, the best performing binary options trading indicators, expert advisers, materials and the complete professional assistance that we provide. That`s the key aspect. They appreciate us for two reasons: Professionalism and truly amazing results that we obtain in this industry. Plus the dedication that we proven.

GAV: What is your personal opinion about trading and Forex, given the fact that from time to time it’s under “heavy fire”? Do you think there is still room to improve the general perception about trading/Forex industry?

Alex: To change the perception of a man you need only one thing that is fundamental. To actually prove he can be profitable and to make him understand the phenomenon in all its complexity. If you promise something and the results are disappointing, it reinforces the perception the man had. If you prove it can be profitable and that he can “own it”, you manage to change man’s view about that phenomenon.
Marketing or false advertisements pale in front of the actual results in the medium and long term.

GAV: Tell us a bit about your current offer for your new members and also a short description of the program from a personal angle?

Alex: Our members receive access to daily webinars, held by me, forever 🙂 This is the beginners class. Free indicators/signals – for 60 seconds, 5 and 15 minutes – , full assistance, materials to train themselves, and access to a trading robot, we like to call “expert adviser”, because that`s what it is in the end. These are all offered for free when they make a deposit with one of our partner brokers.

Alex of BinaryOrdersGAV: We’re really curious to see how does an insider think about binary options trading?

Alex: Trading binary options can be extremely profitable if you do it right. To come to understand and to do that you need patience and understanding.
But most importantly, you need someone to teach you the foundations, both of trading and advanced trading, as best and accurately as possible. We are not afraid to say that in this industry most traders are amateurs and do not want to accept that they need help to understand the phenomenon. All their want is to become rich, but they forget the most important aspect: the way there.

GAV: How does one of your live trading sessions (webinars) look like? What do you cover, and what do you not?

Alex: In our daily webinars we cover many aspects of trading. Fundamental analysis, accurate interpretation of the indicators and strategies developed by me. I answer questions to all the members that are in the webinar and members have the live opportunity to see me when I trade, both understanding the phenomenon of trading in a theoretical and practical manner.

GAV: Where do you think the binary options trading industry will be in 3 years, and where do you see BinaryOrders?

Alex: I’m sure that BinaryOrders will become the most powerful service for binary options. I have no doubt. I do not want to show a lack of modesty, with absolute certainty, our packages have no adversary yet on the market. In fact our results are proof of our professionalism. Regarding the industry, as the Binary options traders will begin to know more about the phenomenon, the industry will grow from year to year.
The possibilities are endless.

GAV: What about the Eastern and Central European markets and individuals, do people still have a retention towards trading and Forex? If yes, how could this be overcome?

Alex: Yes, and no. It very much depends on what country we talk about.
Trading is like gambling in some ways. And the culture in regards to gambling differ in the EU countries.
It`s the same in binary. Some trust and like it, some don’t. It’s up to us to make people aware of all the aspects, and let the customers choose accordingly.

GAV: Tell us an inside tip or trick that you didn’t share with nobody!

Alex: When you do something with passion secrets are shared. I do that daily in the community with our members. Otherwise, all our webinars and articles reveals tips and tricks that I have learned along my career as a trader.
But I will tell you a tip that I say every time: When the trader will make the difference between betting and trading, that will be the moment when he becomes a professional.

GAV: What advise you would like to offer to the new members who are looking to venture into this industry?

Alex: To understand that it is a wonderful journey we can do together. To understand that it takes time and dedication. To choose carefully their broker and accept a trading and training program. You can not do anything in this industry unless you learn and work with the bestIn fact it’s quite simple, with everything in life, you need to become a professional by learning from professionals.

GAV: And now for the fun part…: what is your favorite Eastern European city, how about a favorite celebrity?

Alex: Favorite celebrity Julio Iglesias. For the voice of course, but especially for his power to be reborn. The city is Brasov, my overall favorite. A city full of history and significance for Romania.

GAV: What do you think of GAV (

Alex: Tough one 🙂 . Well, it being a wonderful initiative would be an understatement.
I think it`s a great job you guys are doing, and I`m very excited about being part of it now, in it`s infancy years. I really expect us growing together !

GAV: Thank you for your time and answers Alex! We wish you all the best and may we truly grow together!!!


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Affiliate Success

AffiliateINSIDER hosts first-of-its-kind Business Coaching Workshop at AIBootcamp with George Swift , Bigger Brighter Bolder



AffiliateINSIDER hosts first-of-its-kind Business Coaching Workshop at AIBootcamp with George Swift , Bigger Brighter Bolder


Celebrated UK entrepreneur business coach George Swift will host an exclusive ‘Elevate and Thrive’ Affiliate Business Coaching Workshop at March’s AffiliateINSIDER Bootcamp, the first time such an initiative has ever been offered at an igaming affiliate event.

Held at Under the Bridge, a unique and stylish venue positioned underneath Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium, the two-day event on 21-22 March has been designed to help igaming affiliates growth hack and gain expert digital knowledge for driving traffic to their sites.

Swift, who runs business coaching group Bigger, Brighter, Bolder (BBB), will ensure affiliate entrepreneurs focus on their individual journey in obtaining business success and have the right business mindset to drive revenue growth.

The workshop is built around the ‘hero’s journey’ – a powerful metaphor for the journey to business success. While learning tools and tactics is essential, equally important for success is having the right business mindset.

Business coaches can be an invaluable resource when it comes to bolstering your business model, with the International Coach Federation suggesting they can increase

profit margins by an average of 46%. Further research has demonstrated a 570% return on initial investment in coaching.

This coaching session is not only unique to the AffiliateINSIDER Bootcamp conference, it is the first time an affiliate event will host a dedicated business coaching workshop.

Curated by AI founder and CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone, the event boasts a full two-day agenda of digital expert speakers, an experts mentor panel and several opportunities to make new introductions, giving attendees the chance to grow their business network.

“We are delighted to be hosting the first curated affiliate business coaching workshop for iGaming affiliates at Bootcamp this year. Affiliates who are looking to growth hack their business will certainly get the digital insights they need to get ahead of the curve and we’ll help them build a stronger entrepreneurial mindset to support their business success,” Johnstone explained.

Swift added: “I believe entrepreneurism is the greatest vocation on earth and offers an unprecedented opportunity  to those that step up to its calling. However, that opportunity comes at a price: it’s hard work, challenging and can be very lonely.

“Whilst every journey is unique, there are commonalities we all share and those are what I will be sharing on the day. I’m really excited to be part of the AffiliateINSIDER Bootcamp and I’m looking forward to sharing the Entrepreneurial Journey of Success with all present.”

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Affiliate Success

LeoVegas really is making dreams come true this Christmas



LeoVegas really is making dreams come true this Christmas

LeoVegas is giving away 5 nights under the Northern Lights!

It’s that festive time of year when our customers begin to dream of log fires, Christmas trees and dashing through the snow on a reindeer-drawn sleigh with mince pie crumbs in their laps. Well, good tidings are here as LeoVegas would like to spread the festive cheer by making two of these lucky customers’ dreams come true this New Year!

We will send two players and their plus ones to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland on a once in a lifetime trip where they’ll sleep under the stars in glass roofed igloos – and may even see the Northern Lights flickering above while tucked up cosy and warm in a comfy bed as the snow falls around them.

This incredible trip also includes six activities which winners can choose themselves. These include a 4-hour husky safari, Aurora hunting on a horse drawn sleigh, visiting reindeer on a snowmobile or learning how to master Nordic skiing.

To be in with a chance of winning, new customers just need to deposit and wager 50 in the Live Casino or Casino (from 10/12/18 to 01/01/19) on any game to get one ticket into the raffle. The winners will then be drawn randomly on 2nd January.

A geo-targeted landing page promoting the campaign will be available by end of this week. Please contact your account manager or for the media ID or if you have any queries. This campaign will be live in all markets except Italy from 10th December.

Leo really is making dreams come true this Christmas at LeoVegas!

Best regards,

The LeoVegas Affiliate Team

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Affiliate Success

Affiliate Interviews: Steven Hubbard, of SweGaming and BettingLounge



Affiliate Interviews: Steven Hubbard, of SweGaming and BettingLounge


This is our second interview with Swegaming. We are checking how they are doing right now.


GAV: Hi Steven, first off we’ve been talking with you before, around 2 years ago to be exact, and first wanted an update on what Swegaming and BettingLounge have been up to since then.

The last two years have been hectic for Swegaming as a company, and since I joined this year we’ve been ramping up our efforts towards the UK market with our site BettingLounge.

We’ve launched a completely new look and feel to the site while adding new sections including our popular betting tips. We have also added new functionality and content to help our visitors make the right decision when choosing which betting sites to use.


GAV: Could you tell us some quick facts about you?

Name: Steven Hubbard

Age: 24

Hometown: Wymondham

Living in: Gothenburg

Favourite Food: Pizza

Must read book: Running: The Autobiography

Best dart player: Phil Taylor


GAV: Tell us more about yourself, we want to know exactly who Steven is, the product owner of Bettinglounge. How was it to move to a new country? How is it to work at a big affiliate company as Swegaming?

Well, I grew up in a small town in Norfolk, England. I spent most of my working life as a Lifeguard and Swimming teacher but decided to go travelling for a change.

There I met my Swedish girlfriend and moved to Gothenburg, where I met Andreas and David (founders of SweGaming AB). Moving to Sweden was a lot harder than the travelling I had done, but I had great support from my girlfriend and her family.

Working at SweGaming has been a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop new skills. They have a lot of valuable experience in the Swedish market and exciting ideas for the UK.


GAV: What would you say is the biggest competitive advantages for Bettinglounge? What makes Bettinglounge stand out from the crowd?

We are looking to change the affiliate industry by offering an honest, transparent and personal product. All while promoting safe and responsible gambling.

We have some really exciting long-term projects that I think will add a lot of value to BettingLounge, while continuing with our personal touch instead of hiding behind a brand name.


GAV: What is the biggest challenge for you as a product owner?

The need for constant innovation is the biggest challenge facing us. There are a massive number of affiliates in the UK, and we have to offer something special to stand out.


GAV: We have done some reading at your site and found out some really interesting betting tips, how can you know so much!?

Well, I am in no way a betting tipster or expert. But, I have been following sports, mainly football and darts for most of my life. Of course, you learn a lot from that over the years.

But, the most valuable information is gained by a bit of research. All of our tips are well researched with key stats and facts for the match. It is not a foolproof way of betting, but it will help in your decision making.

See our betting tips as a guide, or if you agree, of course, you are welcome to back them. But, remember to do so in a fun and responsible way.


GAV: Steven, who is your favourite model? Is it Zlatan or David Beckham?

Ah, that’s a tough one. Of course, David Beckham is my favourite model. I mean his boxers are not great, but what a man he is!


GAV: What betting tip has been your best in ROI?

The best betting tip so far has been a 12/1 win treble with Betway. Three away wins, Lincoln City, Leicester and Doncaster.

Although, Doncaster finished 3-2 and we had a nervy 7+ minutes of extra time that was not appreciated.


GAV: What is the best with TheGamblingAffiliateVoice?

The best thing is definitely to find new gaming conferences and read comprehensive articles . You are doing a great job writing about the conference Sigma on Malta. More affiliates and operators should definitely go to Sigma which is the best conference in my opinion.

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